Hi there! My name is Valerie. I'm from Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, I'm studying French at university. The reason why I choose French is that I'm so obsessed with gastronomy. I think if I can master French that would be really helpful for my future studies and career.

I'd love to spend my whole life tasting all the gourmet food in the world. 
I have a sweet tooth that one of my mottos is there's always a room for dessert.

From my point of view, food is not only just food. You can get a better understanding of somewhere just by tasting. It involves cultures,histories and unique features. I'm such a foodie that I'm always wiling to try something new.

Since Taipei is my hometown, this is a fun blog following my gourmet tours, which is mainly about restaurants in Taipei. I would like to keep my wonderful experiences and share them with whoever loves food, too! Hopefully, you can have a gourmet tour to Taiwan soon!

Before I started this blog, I was worried about if I was able to write well. After reading what Dianne Jacob, a well-known food writer, wrote, I felt like " Yeah, just do it! " She said, " Whatever motivates you, food writing has a requirement that makes it irresistible: you like food,and you get to eat and write about it. What's better than that? "

I hope you all enjoying reading my posts and please feel free to tell me what you think.


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