Friday, April 5, 2013

8% ICE

With the approach of summer, the weather in Taipei is getting weird. It can be sizzling hot for a while and turns into a chilly weather during the following week. The only thing doesn't change is, it's constantly humid and stuffy. Therefore,the best antidote would be a scoop of ice cream!

8% ICE is a newly-opened ice cream shop on Yong-Kang street in Taipei. What makes them special is, they only use seasonal ingredients and they don't add any artificial additives. I went for "Mocha & Red Bean" flavor this time. If you're a fan of mocha, you'd definitely like it. The smell of mocha was very rich so you could notice that they don't cut corners. The tiny shortcoming was that I felt like it should have been moister. My friend said that it was probably because they put too much red beans inside.

In addition, I particularly love their interior design. A Victorian-ere slang can perhaps summarize how it looks, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Of course, it's not exactly the same as the saying, but generally, the tone is pretty modern, at the same time, you can also see some old-school decorations. Besides, the background color is between black and dark blue. It doesn't give you an expected depressive atmosphere; on the contrary, you'd find it more like a chic select shop.

8% ICE

Tel: +886 2 2395 6583
Add: No. 6, Lane 13, Yong-Kang Street, Taipei, Taiwan

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