Sunday, January 27, 2013

A posh Japanese restaurant / 瞞著爹

This restaurant had been in my mind for quite a while before I visited it.Its name in Chinese is pretty funny, which means "hide the truth from the father."You may ask " Whose father?" If what I remember is correct, the father of the chef didn't want his son to be a chef, so when his son opened the restaurant, he hided the truth from his father. Voilà! This's the story behind the name of this restaurant.

I went to this restaurant on a windy day,but the moment I stepped inside, the chilliness vanished promptly. There was a complimentary kettle of miso soup on the table. The cozy atmosphere and the hot soup could warm you up in a short time. Besides,I'm fond of their retro decoration.It was so old-school and I felt like being brought back to decades ago.There weren't too many choices on the menu but it wasn't that important as long as each of them was good.Me and my girl friend have a thing with salmon, so both of us got a salmon donburi. That was quite nice, the fish was fresh and the rice was well mixed with vinegar, but I would prefer a cooked one rather than a raw dish. Additionally, I had an original steamed egg and I kind of regretted.I didn't regret ordering a steam egg.I just felt like I would choose other flavors. Since there was nothing but egg in the original one, it tasted quite boring.

In a nutshell, I would highly recommend this restaurant if you're finding a japanese one.Their seafood is fresh and also with a reasonable price!

瞞著爹 III
Tel: +886 926 594 575
Add: No.17, Aly.9, Lane 364, Sec.2, Bade Rd, Taipei, Taiwan

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A remedy for school life

A couple of weeks ago,I started to get really busy with school.During the overwhelming finals,I developed a bad habit: eating snacks.I mean,usually I don't eat snacks at all.Somehow,perhaps driven by the stress,I needed something to distract me.Those snacks were from friends,supermarkets,and my mom.Thanks for my rich stock of snacks,I've managed to survive from the finals.

As you can see, the snacks I had were mostly from Korea.I wasn't familiar with Korean snacks before,so I didn't really know what to expect.That's why I was so surprised that they could be that good!For example,the cookies of spicy rice cake flavor were pretty tasty,the banana milk tastes interesting (but the package looks like a kid stuff),and the brownie was just amazing (seriously,I have no idea that the texture can be that close to a real brownie)!I'm officially in love with Korean snacks!

I though I was going to write lots of things for my blog once I was done with those annoying tests.Yet,I feel like I'm just so worn out,feeling doing nothing.Probably,I have to sleep like a whole week to get my energy back.So stay tuned for the next coming post!I promise I'll have more efficient productions.You have my words!

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