Sunday, October 6, 2013

One day in San Gimignano

Summer has almost come to an end and here comes autumn. People always say fall is a season of melancholy. I used to differ with that; however this year, I don't know if it's about my stressful work or what, I have trouble getting along with this rainy period. Ok, enough for that, I'm not a whiner at all, so let's talk about something wonderful!

I would like to share my fantastic experience in Italy today. Technically speaking, this post has been a year later, since I did this journey last year. After spending weeks in France, I left for Italy to visit my lovely Italian friend. During my staying there, every day was so unreal. I remember that I kept saying like "Oh my, I can't believe I'm in Italy.! This must be a dream!" since I got off the airplane.

My local guide brought me to several cities and I appreciated each of them. San Gimignano was like a country rock star. Mmh I know, it probably sounds weird, let me explain: San Gimignano is a little walled medieval hill town in Siena. Those trees, grass and roads were just being incredibly beautiful in an unique way. I couldn't help staring at every details en route for fear that I might miss something. So now you can get the idea of "being a rock star." What a charming town!

We didn't stay long in San Gimignano but we had a divine meal in the mountains. I was so lucky to experience the most authentic "Italian hospitality." My Italian family truly gave me the chance the get to know Italy in their own way. I've never felt sad when I leave some place I love. Cuz I know, I'll definitely go back some day!

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