Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swedish Crayfish Party

Speaking of world history, I might be a layman. However, when it comes to something related to exotic food would totally be another case. Getting know the local food plays an important role when I travel. I've probably mentioned this before, but I really feel like you can have a better understanding of a country by your tongue.

Given my interest in Sweden, I expose myself to their culture as much as possible. Long before I knew these Swedes, I saw photos of people eating those lobster-like thing. I didn't know they were crayfish until recently. So I was pretty excited about my maiden try! It was so much fun to dismember those crayfish. My friend gave me some instructions upon eating which made it easier for me.

Ah, here is an episode: A Taiwanese friend asked me if the photo I took was a bunch of cockroaches. That's funny but also very plausible. I think the crayfish doesn't seem that attempting if you've never tried it before. That was also why I found its appearance weird. But I'm super open-minded about trying something new, so it's not really a problem. And I'm so glad that it turned out to be very delicious.

What I liked about crayfish was that it didn't need any dressing to make it taste good. It was simply boiled with water and according to my friend, there were some kind of herbs in the water as well. Besides, I was given a tip of choosing a good crayfish which was "The bigger, the better!"After that party, I googled a bit about the differences between a lobster and a crayfish. The most evident difference is that lobsters have to grow up in salt water while crayfish live in fresh water.

I'm happy to experience one more Swedish activity here in Taipei. I'm really curious what it is like to do this in Sweden. But I've already spent a fantastic evening with those Swedish folk.

Good company, great food and nice alcohol, could it be any better?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PS Tapas

This review has been delayed for almost a month, but I insisted on writing a post anyway. I went there with my college besties when they returned from France after their one month journey. Generally, I'd give this restaurant an A on every aspect, except one thing. The waitress told us that we could have some more bread if we wanted on serving a crab dipping. I think people would definitely take it as free, right? Otherwise, the waitress would either say nothing about the extra bread or tell you that you could get some more with extra fee. So we didn't find out that our extra bread was charged upon paying. That was not so pleasant! We didn't want to be difficult so we just let it go. Still, I'm pretty fond of their food. I went there again for take-out after a couple of days.

PS Tapas 
Tel: +886 2740 3636
Add: No.19, Lane 21, Sec.1, An-ho Road, Taipei, Taiwan

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