Saturday, August 24, 2013


I just can't help writing another post of this lovely japanese restaurant! As always, this place offers tasty and authentic food with reasonable price! I've probably mentioned this before that japanese restaurants here in Taipei tend to be over-priced. Those high-end restaurants are good, but not delicious enough to have a second visit. This time I had a sashimi with rice and a bottle of green tea coke! The green tea coke wasn't bad, but I was just a little disappointed that the aroma of green tea was too subtle to tell. Besides, they renovated several months ago so they are two-story now. But the shortcoming is they took off some quite a few nice decorations. Thankfully, their food is constantly delicious!

瞞著爹 III
Tel: +886 926 594 575
Add: No.17, Aly.9, Lane 364, Sec.2, Bade Rd, Taipei, Taiwan


  1. wow this looks delicious!

    Hannah xx

  2. wow valerie,i missed you so so much!.
    Well, the sashimi is looks so colorful and decorated, just looks a little bit too much and the green tea coke sounds really good and i'd like to taste it!

    by the way, have a great day!

  3. OMG that sashimi with rice looks YUMMY!!!! Now I feel like going for a japanese to have lunch today ;P


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