Sunday, June 23, 2013

La Mesa

It couldn't be better to celebrate the beginning of the summer vacation by a savory meal at La Mesa. The first time that I heard of this Spanish restaurant was from my high school friend who works there. I've visited there a few times and I've fallen in love with this place since the very first taste of their scrumptious food.

Italian and Spanish cuisine are my top choices when it comes to dining out. My obsession with food tends to be the key factor that I learn a new foreign language and my friends always laugh about it. Let's get back to the subject,me and my high school friends were thinking about catching up, so La mesa spontaneously came into my mind. We tried so many different dishes this time and each of them just blew my mind!

I'd like to talk about three things particularly. To start with,I strongly recommend their mushroom soup! At first I didn't order one, since I'm not a fan of soup. Yet, upon smelling the enchanting odor, I immediately told my friends like "Oh! I wanna get one as well! " The mushroom soup was incredibly rich, you could eat the mushroom with every sip of it. Then, a must-try would be their Sangria! My friend suggested it to me when I visited there the first time. Guess what? I order one each time I go there ever since. Last but not least, we were super lucky that we got a free treat from the cousin of my friend. The steak was divine! Judging from the beautiful pink color,you could tell that it was perfectly-cooked. The surface was a little bit crispy while the inside was really tender. Ah, I started to drool now!

Apart from the food, the atmosphere was equally exceptional. The light was dim, but in a moderate and nice way (No worries! You can still see your food! ). We spent a great evening there and had so much fun. It was a shame that we had no room for dessert but it gave us a good reason to pay a visit again!

La Mesa

Tel: +886 2 2778 7676
Add: No.33, Lane 137, Yan-Ji Street, Taipei, Taiwan


  1. That looks all just so delicious!! I love Spanish kitchen, and I always associate it with holidays and summer vacation, too. ;)

    That crispy-on-the-outside-and-tender-on-the-inside thingies are a fav of mine, too.


  2. finally a new post dear! haha, the food is looks so good and the mushroom soup sounds very delicious!, i wish i could be there to taste a bit!

    anyway, have a great week and i'm very happy you are going to be more active this time on your blog!

    love ya!♥

  3. this looks delicous! tapas (and sushi) are my favorite foods in the world, heavenly!

  4. Mmmm everything looks delicious! I definitely have to try it! :)


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  6. Everything looks super good!

  7. Great blog! I really like it! :)

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  8. I love that you are writing the name of the post en español ;)
    Que rico todoo!!! And about what you wrote in my post "chulos, a que si?" is an spanish expression meaning "cool right?" Now you know a new word!! ;)

    Besos guapa!!


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