Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pizzeria Oggi

Pizza can be an easy food to make and buy, so that's why people are quite familiar with it.The very first slice of pizza that rewrote my memory of pizza was from Artichoke Basille's Pizza in East Village in New York City. I don't really remember the exact price of their pizza, but you'll get a extremely delicious, huge slice with a fair price.You had better to be prepared that there's always a long line!

Since it's still Chinese New Year now, I'm totally on a vacation mood, which means I'm still being lazy and don't feel like writing a long post. So, hope you guys enjoy seeing these pictures and keeping it in mind that Pizzeria Oggi is definitely the best pizzeria to go to in Taipei! I'm glad that I can find a pizza place to go,where is authentic enough to be compared with a real Italian pizzeria! (The only shortcoming is, it's a little bit pricy for a pizza! Ouch! )

Pizzeria Oggi


Friday, February 1, 2013

4F Cooking Home:Belgian Homemade Cuisine

Today I've got an exciting post to share with you guys! I went to a Belgian cuisine class the other day and that was totally a blast! Before signing up for that class,I was hesitating between a Thai cuisine class and the Belgian one, but I'm so glad that I made a good choice!I've learned so much and I will practice those fantastic dishes soon!

The class was about a four-course meal, which included shrimp-stuffed tomatoes, Carbonnades flammandes ( sorry, I can't figure out nor find the name in English), Flemish style of cabbage with puréed potatoes, and Brussels waffles.

Since there're loads of things to talk about for those recipes, I'm going to skip it here and talk more about my thoughts. To begin with, I finally got the secret of making the tomatoes dish. I tried it before, but it was a fiasco. The key is that you have to smear some balsamico inside out the tomatoes before putting them into the oven. Then, I'd prefer to make it as a cold dish. This time,the teacher made it as a cooked one, since it's winter time.I like it being fresher which the shrimps stuffing is like a salad.

What impressed me the most in this class was the onion garnish. It was way beyond my expectation! The flavor was extremely intriguing. It was between a savory dish and a dessert. The moment you had it in your mouth, you could taste the sweetness, followed by the aroma of onion without any pungent taste, and ended up with a scent of caramel. Brilliant!

However, my tiny disappointment was the waffles. When I told my belgian friend about this class, she and I both got really excited about the waffles. I'd say the culprit was the strawberries. The strawberries were just ok, they were not sweet or juicy enough. I mean, the dressing we used was semi-sweet chocolate ( I suppose so,at least it was not super sweet.), so I think if the other choice were banana, it would be much better!

Ah! Last but not least, I used to hate beer,but during the class,we were offered to try some belgian brown beer. It completely changed my opinion of beer! It was more like Karamalz with a slight taste of alcohol. I had no idea that beer could actually be this good!

If you are in Taipei and happen to be a foodie, you should definitely check this place:

4F Cooking Home

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