Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paris v.s New York

Paris and New York are two significant cities in the world.People compare these two cities a lot.Several months ago,I saw a publication of painting created by Vahram Muratyan.He uses our stereotypes of Paris and New York to create a series of pictures.I couldn't help laughing upon browsing those pictures,because I could totally relate to them.It isn't fair but quite true.

I found that book at the "chic" shop,Colette,in Paris.I was hesitating whether to buy it or not.I didn't,but I regret it now,since I find it pretty inspirational.However,just a couple days ago,I found out that some of  those pictures had been made into a video.It's even cooler with the sound effects.Those two pictures above are my favorite in the book.It's brilliant to come up with this idea,isn't it?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Falafel in Paris

What I like about living in a big city is,there're always so many different things to eat.As with Paris,other than its parisian cafés and bistros,paris is also well-known for its diversity.

It is said that L'as du Fallafel is the best falafel in Paris,or possibly,in the world.Given its high reputation,I went straight to that place as soon as I got off the TGV in Paris.Unfortunately,it was closed on that day.Instead,I tried another falafel just in front of L'as du Fallafel and that one was incredible!

Now,you might be wondering what a falafel is.It's a traditional Arabic food,which is composed of deep-fried balls made from chickpeas,salad,sauce and pita.So basically it's a vegetarian dish,that's why I was so amazed by its flavor and texture.The chickpea balls were not oily and the pita was quite chewy.I just bought a falafel and sat on the street like everyone else did.It was such a relaxing thing to do,just eating great food and watching people come and go on the street.

After a couple of days,I went back to L'as fu Fallafel.I did try it,but to my surprise,I found the previous one was more tasty.Well,I guess every man has his taste.If you have enough room for falafel,you can try them both!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Café de Flore

Without doubt,café de Flore is one of the most famous café in Paris.I went there after a random walk around Saint-Germain-Des-Près,which is my favorite area in Paris.There are so many nice café,traditional restaurants,distinctive boutiques.I'll write something more in the following post.

I went there on a beautiful sunny day,as you can see,the sun was shining on my table.I was so lucky that during my staying in Paris,it only rained one day.Since I was sweating every day,I didn't feel like I was in Paris.I sipped the espresso while eating a croissant from Poilâne.To be honest,I didn't find that espresso special,but I think the point of having a cup of coffee in Paris is more about experiencing the atmosphere and enjoying being in Paris.I sat there for quite a while,watching people crossing by,like a setting in a film.

After closely observing Paris,I think café plays an important role.If there was no café in Paris,it would be like a person without soul.

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