Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crystal Spoon

Here comes the summer time!The weather has been hot and humid for quite a while,which really drives me crazy.Don't get me wrong,I love summer and I love sunshine,but humidity is definitely not a good thing!In the meanwhile,I'm chased by endless tests and piles of homework.It's like I'm going to be physically and mentally worn out,but at least there's something which keeps me going.That's right,the summer vacation!I can't help being excited on hearing that pleasing word!Yay!Two more weeks to go!

The subtropical weather curbs my appetite,so I usually goes with cold food,such as sushi and sandwiches lately.Since I was going to have an interview last weekend,my friend and I just randomly picked a place to dine,and we thought Thai food might be a good option.However,it turned out that the food was not as refreshing as I'd expected.I still don't like the fried shrimp cake.Due to its pretty appearance,I thought I was going to change my mind.The chicken and the green papaya salad were fine,but they weren't worthy of that price.Besides,the decoration of the green papaya salad was bad,since there was a piece of fake leaf,which looked pretty cheap.

I just thought of an interesting fact about fried shrimp cakes.Truth is,there's no fried shrimp cake in authentic Thai cuisine.That's some kind of Taiwanese invention.I nearly can guarantee that every Thai restaurant has that dish in Taiwan.The funny thing is,given the fact that Thailand is a popular tourist attraction for Taiwanese people,there will be quite a few people that visit the country and choose this particular dish.I've heard that to cater to our partiality for this fare,some restaurants in Thailand have started to sell fried shrimp cake!

Crystal Spoon

Add:10F,No. 300,Sec.3,Zhong Xiao E. Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pâtisserie Sadararu AOKI Paris

Last Sunday was Mother's Day,so I bought a cake for my mum by convention.Ah well!Actually,two cakes;one for my mum and the other for myself.Pâtisserie Sadararu AOKI always comes up with a special cake during the holidays.

Perhaps it's not that correct to call it a cake,since those two yellow shells are macaroons.Anyway,it has a tiny,heart-shaped appearance,which is topped with a strawberry and sprinkled with a few almonds.Between those two pieces of macaroon,it's stuffed with lemon cream,caramel hazelnuts and strawberries.

I like that it has layered textures but I wouldn't say it's the best cake from AOKI.The reason I bought it so impulsively is I've been yearning for the "Ispahan"cake from Ladurée for such a long time,so having this one is like getting a substitute.Nevertheless,my mum liked it a lot,so I'm glad that she did enjoy her Mother's Day cake!


Bellavita (B2)
Add:B2,No.28, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City

Add:No.41,Sec. 2,Zhong Shan N. Rd,Taipei City

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vapiano II

This's the second post of Vapiano but definitely not the second time I visit there.I think I've been there several times,like once a month.It's a great place to hang out with friends.Let's just say it's easy to find a cafe that you can spend an afternoon there,but it's relatively difficult to find a restaurant like that. Precisely speaking,sometimes restaurants just want to have more customers,so they desperately "expect" you to leave right away once you finish your meal and that's totally not cool.

I like that Vapiano has a constant menu with occasional dishes.Besides a Nice salad,my friend and I got two different pasta,one is "Brandy Chicken & Bacon with Tomato Sauce" and the other is "Parma Ham with Asparagus."Those two pasta were both good but it'd be better if the Tagliatelle could be moister.When I told the chef that I chose Tagliatelle for the pasta and asked him to cook it more Al Dente,I had no idea that it turned out to be so dry.Still,I have a tiny thing to say.The Nice salad was a pretty hearty dish,it's covered with LOTS of tuna,while there was little vegetable.In contrast,in the bowl of Parma Ham Pasta,there were only two slices of Parma Ham!

Although there's room for improvement,it doesn't change the fact that I'm still their regular customer.If you've been to Vapiano,you'd know that it's addicting!


Add:10F-2,No. 12,Songshou Rd,Taipei City,Taiwan

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Pudding Obsession

As the proverb goes,April showers bring May flowers.Yet,I feel like it has been raining for two months,what's worse,the rain is getting heavier!In the meanwhile,the weather can be sweltering like a desert!This kind of unpredictable weather really keeps me from hanging out with friends,then I've had lots of take-out recently.And in the past few days,I'd had several  puddings!

I think I've developed a major obsession with pudding since I was a kid.I remember that my favorite dessert during kindergarten was exactly pudding!The interesting thing is despite my fondness for pudding,I'm not into panna cotta at all!It took me quite a while to come up with the reason.I made a conclusion that it's the brown liquid at the bottom of the pudding makes me so addicted to it.Additionally,the bright color and the cute shape of pudding always bring me an instant good mood.

Hopefully,you don't find this post tedious,but hey you have my words,there're a couple of drooling posts coming next week!


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