Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Kitchen Table @ W Hotel

Blame the weather or the stressful school life,I started to feel lazy about blogging.Apparently,you guys can see that I haven't updated for two weeks.Besides,if you've followed my blog for a while,you can tell that my pictures are looking different now.Before changing my phone,I've already obsessed with the effect of "Instagram,"so now I just can't live without it.It's such a super easy-but-lazy way to make pictures look awesome!

The Kitchen Table has been a popular buffet restaurant since it opened.We booked the table like a month ago.It's crazy to see how crowded it is even during the weekday lunch time.It's been such a while since I went to a buffet restaurant last time.I'm always not the one to propose the idea of going to a buffet restaurant.The reason is easy,it seems like it's always about the quantity rather than the quality.Yet,I keep hearing people saying how good The Kitchen table is,I can't help being curious.My friend,whom I trust her taste,went there a few months ago.And she told me that it's pretty good and it's worthy of the price,which made up this lunch date.

Well,I'm not that disappointed with this restaurant,since there're plenty of yummy food,but there're almost half of the dishes I don't really like.For example,the cold dishes,seafood and some Indian food are amazing.On the contrary,the Chinese food isn't that good and the dessert isn't,either.The Chinese food even doesn't look tempting.As for the dessert;indeed,there's a good one,but hey it's ice cream!It doesn't really count,right?Anyway,there it goes again,I keep eating the food I like,at the same time,there're several dishes aren't my things.I'm kind of giving up looking for a perfect buffet restaurant.I guess it doesn't exist duh?

The Kitchen Table

Tel: 02-7703-8887
Add: 10 Zhongxiao E. Rd,Sec. 5,Taipei,Taiwan


p.s I wanna answer a question from Gaby on the previous post.Do you know any authentic Opéra cake in Taipei?Opéra cake is definitely a classic one when it comes to dessert.Sadly,we're in the same boat.I've tried some opéra cakes,but none of them makes me want to have a second bite.Good luck for the cake hunting!Aw and if you've ever found it,please let me know!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Japanese Eel Rice

People change,so does my preference for food.I wasn't that into rice for years.If there were options,like noodles,bread,potato and rice,the last thing I'd choose was rice.I even couldn't explain it,but I have no idea since when,my stomach has started to crave for rice.

Speaking of Japanese cuisine,it's easy to come up with sushi and seafood.According to my observation,I seldom see eel rice listed on menu in America or Europe.This restaurant I went today sells the best eel rice here in Taipei.You always have to queue in line for at least twenty minutes even during weekday.Lots of tourists go there as well.When I was lining up,I could hear different languages around me,English,Japanese and Korean,to name a few.

The key factor which makes their eel rice so popular,I would give the credit to the eel they choose.Instead of frozen eel,they cook fresh one.Besides,they make the fishbone really tender,so basically you don't have to pay attention to picking the fishbone,while having the yummy dish.

There're almost no room for improvement.But I'd say that the rice can be more tasty.Covered with the amazing eel sauce,it's no problem to eat up the rice.However,without the sauce,I really doubt it. 

If you are frightened by the snake-looking of eel,I'd say don't judge a book by its cover.It doesn't taste as it looks.You'll gonna be surprised!


Add:No 13-2,Lane 121,Sec 1,Zhongshang N. Rd,Taipei,Taiwan
(No reservation.You just have to wait wait......and wait!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

International Snacks Feast-Luxembourg(5)

Woooop!This's the fifth exchange of International Snacks Feast!I find this one quite interesting,cuz the participant Pia is originally Spanish but she lives in Luxembourg.And she had been traveling around Colombia during February and March!What an amazing life she leads!

Pia sent me mostly Spanish things.She told me that there's no specific Luxembourgish snack,people just eat French or Belgium things.

I really like those Spanish snacks.I've heard about "Turròn" before and it's cool that I can taste it without leaving home.Pia sent me two flavors,one is coconut and the other is chocolate with nuts.The white coconut one is the classic one.They usually have Turròn on Christmas.The chocolate one is more attractive to me,I like that it's like a crispy chocolate candy!

Cocktail Olives,mussels and anchovy are my things.Spanish people love to have them as tapas.Actually,I just ran out of olive the other day and I was thinking about getting some during the weekend.At the very moment,I got this parcel!I was like,"Geez!How can Pia possibly know me so well!"Pia also suggested me to mix the mussels with cream cheese,which sounds pretty interesting to me.I should get some cream cheese asap!Beside,I made a pasta with tomato sauce and anchovy.That's pretty tasty!

Then,for the red pack of cookies,Filipinos.That's a chocolate one.Pia told me that she nearly cried when she saw it at the supermaket.When she was little,she used to fight over Filipinos v.s. Oreos.Hahah lovely story!Besides,there're some gummy bear!Except chocolate,gummy bear is probably the only candy I'm obsessed with.Personally,I prefer the green,red and white flavor!

What are you waiting for?We'll have fun together!!!!!(Click HERE to join!)

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