Friday, December 14, 2012

Milo Milo

It has been so long since my last lame post.Finally,I've got something to share!Today,I just finished an important French exam which had been torturing me during the past two months.I'm so glad that it has come to a pause now;hopefully,I can get a good result!

My stomach needed something good to comfort after the test,so me and my friend went to "Milo Milo" for lunch (If you constantly come over my blog,you'd know that I've been there so many times!).Actually,we were about to go to a newly-opened café/restaurant by L'OCCITANE,but surprisingly there were super crowded.Rain check for sure!

According to previous experiences at Milo Milo are all really good and that's why I'm kind of a regular customer.Yet, this time,I started to have a doubtful point of view.The soup was great,since it was rich and full of chopped mushrooms.You could tell that they didn't try to cut corners.The salad was pretty posh,in a bad way,though.I felt like my homemade salad is way better than theirs,but since we had a combo,I didn't have much to complain.Then,for the main dish,my ham was incredibly salty that I couldn't finish it.At least,the mashed potato was pretty silky and creamy.For the dessert,I got a crème brûlée,it was my first time trying other thing than brownie (What can I say?Their brownie is exceptional!I'd go their just for having a brownie!).Unexpectedly,the crème brûlée was amaaaaazing!I like that they put some blueberries on the top.I'd say it was as good as Papa Jo's (The best one in Taipei!).

Even though I was not that satisfied with the food,but what really annoyed me was the server!She was not so nice and she was in such a hurry!She got a talent that the very moment we put down the forks and knives,she would show up right away.It made me feel like she couldn't wait to see us finish our food and leave.The most evident example was,there was some bread serving with the soup,but when we ate up the soup,she asked if we had already done with the bread so she could take it away.Were you kidding me?I didn't feel like having the bread any more,but usually the bread will stay on the table till all the food is finished!Given the fact that I'm still quite into Milo Milo (Their desserts are irresistible!),I'd find her an excuse that maybe she was just suffering from PMS or something.


  1. NOMNOMNOM! Everything looks delicious!



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  2. This looks so delicious! Don't worry about not posting regularly!!

    From Paris with love, Vicky

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  3. Milo Milo? What a cute name as
    it's also a brand name of my
    favorite chocolatemilk c:

    I'm sorry to hear about the
    bad food (unlike the dessert)
    and the unfriendly waitress!
    That is so rude!


  4. Great pictures & it looks very VERY delicious!

  5. che foto bellissime!!! se ti va passa a trovarmi mi farebbe piacere:)
    xoxo Gloria


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