Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A mixture of food

During the past week,I had a couple of dates with my hight school besties.I love this christmas season based on two reasons.One is the merry atmosphere and the other is that my friends who study abroad are coming back!

We had a lunch date at Mia Café,which was just ok.The food and dessert were like average,not particularly good.Besides,I couldn't figure it out why it always took so long to get what I ordered.The interesting thing was,after waiting for quite a while,I asked the server how long I had to wait,he was like "Oh,ok,I'll check it,"and then he came back right away with my food.The point is,it happened like two or three times!Don't know if I have to push them or what.

Then,I went to a restaurant called Goobur the other day.That was completely a disaster.We waited for more than half hour even we had a reservation,and then both of the risotto and the dessert were plain.Especially the risotto,it was like gruel!The server noticed I left like half of the portion and asked if I didn't like it.I told her that there was too much water in the risotto and it didn't have much taste.Luckily,they told me no need to pay for the risotto.

On the same day,we went to my favorite café in Taipei for dinner.I already knew that their desserts are amazing but this time I was much more surprised!The tiramisu flavor of baked meringue was like "OMG."It tasted like a traditional tiramisu but also in a very creative way.It was full of different textures,there were something crispy and something creamy.The aroma had so many layers as well,like the cream,the espresso,and the liqueur.

Even though I had a few unpleasant experiences at some restaurants,it didn't change the fact that I still had a super great time with my friends.I'm a foodie but I feel like sometimes it's about whom you are with,rather than what you have.

Still,happy holiday guys!


  1. oh wow pretty food pictures!!!



  2. beautiful pictures!:)

  3. Great pictures! Want everything now :)
    Happy Holidays dear!x

  4. Wow! Too much food for January!!! ;-) I hate it when I look forward to a nice meal at a restaurant and the service is bad, it really ruins the experience.

    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a very happy New Year! xo

  5. That's so yummy !


  6. looks so yummy !

  7. yummy i want to eat NOW !!! :)


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