Friday, October 26, 2012


During my last visit to Paris,I didn't have the chance to go to Fauchon.So that's why I put it on the top of my list this time.I just have to tell you that Fauchon literally blew my mind!I went there almost every day,having breakfast,taking out some nice desserts or just picking up some macarons.

Fauchon truly gave me a new insight into what a real éclair should be like.If you've never tried Fauchon's éclair,it would be fair to say that you've never truly experienced the real thing.There are many éclairs which I love,such as Paul,Sadaharu Aoki.They're both still good,but the one from Fauchon is heavenly amazing!I've tried the caramel,vanilla and strawberry flavors.I wanted to try as many as I could,but I was so into the caramel one!The stuffing was not over sweet but super creamy,and the icing was shiny.It looked like a delicate piece of art work!

Besides,their savory food was exceptional as well!As you can see from the pictures above,there's one that looks like a green cup of something.It was a cup of mashed asperagus,topped with chopped smoked salmon,and guess what,there was also a soft-boiled egg inside!You could taste different layers of flavor and texture!Genius work!Another fantastic thing was salmon mille feuille.Yes,you didn't  misshear me!The mille feuille was made from salmon!I hesitated a bit,but they claimed that it was their novelty of the month,so I thought no harm in trying something new.To my surprise,I liked it even more than the origninal.The pastry was really crispy and it went perfectly with sliced salmon and sour cream sauce.

If I can only recommend one patisserie in Paris,it wouldn't be Ladurée or Pierre Hermé,but Fauchon!

24-16-30 Place de la Madeleine,Paris,France


  1. hi girlie~ Is that your halloween costume in your profile picture? It's so awesome!


  2. Mmmm, I've just had lunch, but looking at these nearly wants me to eat more ;-) Lovely pics. Have a great weekend xo

  3. you make me so hungry with every single post!


  4. im so jealous! i want to go around paris eating delicious food too!


  5. I will have the salad first and then the macaroons and coffee please! :P

  6. One of my favorite French spots! xx

  7. Looks like such an amazing place with the yummiest food! So jealous!


  8. These pictures made me want food so bad,

  9. This makes me hungry, thanks :D

    x Eline -

  10. Hi girl! I am Angela from the AngelaSquared blog, and have created a new one, with a slightly different approach.
    I was hoping we could follow each other on this one too! Through Bloglovin and GFC. Let me know!


  11. Those treats look so yummy!

    xo Jennifer

  12. You made the eclairs sound heavenly.
    I definitely need to check out Fauchon when I'm in Paris :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. All the food look so delightful! Great photos!

    Suzie Q

  14. Oh I love Fauchon ..really the best!

  15. I need to go there!!! thanks for the tip!
    From Paris with love, Vicky

    The Golden Bun


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