Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paris v.s New York

Paris and New York are two significant cities in the world.People compare these two cities a lot.Several months ago,I saw a publication of painting created by Vahram Muratyan.He uses our stereotypes of Paris and New York to create a series of pictures.I couldn't help laughing upon browsing those pictures,because I could totally relate to them.It isn't fair but quite true.

I found that book at the "chic" shop,Colette,in Paris.I was hesitating whether to buy it or not.I didn't,but I regret it now,since I find it pretty inspirational.However,just a couple days ago,I found out that some of  those pictures had been made into a video.It's even cooler with the sound effects.Those two pictures above are my favorite in the book.It's brilliant to come up with this idea,isn't it?


  1. OMG this is so cool! my 2 favorite cities although in my heart Paris wins! LOOOved the video!

  2. AHH thanks so much for sharing this! Like the above commenter, these two cities are my favorite that I've ever been to, and there's nothing like a little rivalry to get me thinking about which I'd choose over the other.

    I never went to Colette when I was staying in Paris this summer - mainly because I knew that I'd just be depressed about all I couldn't afford. Now I regret it though! Was it amazing?


  3. haha i like these.... as Paris and New York are probably one of my favorite cities.... but Seoul is pretty cool too :P


  4. lovely blog you have here! I love how you shot your pics :)


  5. hah what a cool little comparison! i have never been to paris but there is certainly something magical about ny :D


  6. haha I totally love this!!!! and super hard to choose :P

  7. i sware paris is haunting me! I need to go back soon



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