Saturday, September 15, 2012

Falafel in Paris

What I like about living in a big city is,there're always so many different things to eat.As with Paris,other than its parisian cafés and bistros,paris is also well-known for its diversity.

It is said that L'as du Fallafel is the best falafel in Paris,or possibly,in the world.Given its high reputation,I went straight to that place as soon as I got off the TGV in Paris.Unfortunately,it was closed on that day.Instead,I tried another falafel just in front of L'as du Fallafel and that one was incredible!

Now,you might be wondering what a falafel is.It's a traditional Arabic food,which is composed of deep-fried balls made from chickpeas,salad,sauce and pita.So basically it's a vegetarian dish,that's why I was so amazed by its flavor and texture.The chickpea balls were not oily and the pita was quite chewy.I just bought a falafel and sat on the street like everyone else did.It was such a relaxing thing to do,just eating great food and watching people come and go on the street.

After a couple of days,I went back to L'as fu Fallafel.I did try it,but to my surprise,I found the previous one was more tasty.Well,I guess every man has his taste.If you have enough room for falafel,you can try them both!


  1. Never heard of a falafel before, looks tasty
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  2. Beautiful photos! The falafel looks delicious!

    Suzie Q

  3. Yum, ah.. Nothing beats a good falafel! xx

  4. Hahaha, now you have me craving falafel! Too bad, I have yet to find a superb falafel place, even in New York City...

    Stop by!

  5. Beautiful photos, especially the way you've done the colouring and lighting. :)

  6. Love falafel. For some reason it never occurred to me that they might even have it in Paris, but duh, there is the city's huge Arab population. And it's not like falafel is strictly a Jewish food--though it sometimes seems that way in New York.

  7. Wonderful blog and that food looks so delicious!


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  9. I love Paris! NY is my home but its always nice to go to France. xx

  10. oh oui c'est trop bon tu me donnes envie d'en manger

  11. You are doing the best here, congrats!

  12. yum yum! Falafel is my fave- love it!

  13. Awesome blog!! That looks delicious :D
    Follow each other?


  14. I, too, am a big fan of falafels, though my favourite Paris Arabic fast food restaurant used to be in La Marais (and is closed now).
    When homesickness threatened to overwhelm me after moving on to college in Germany, I firtunately found a similar shop in my uni town and now everytime I feel down, I go there... ;)

  15. Looks good!

    xo Jennifer

  16. Yummie, I love falafel! :) x


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