Friday, August 31, 2012


I was editing some pictures I took in Paris and I just realized that I haven't updated my blog for quite a while.My journey in Europe has almost come to the end,which means I'm sooooo tired now,just can't wait to have a good good sleep in my sweet bed!I'm having such a great time,so it's really bitter sweet to say good bye to Europe.

There're way too many things to post on my blog,so I just decided to take it slow and try my best to share yummy things with you guys!It seems that it's impossible to go to Paris without going to Ladurée.I had a brunch there with a pretty/lovely/sweet blogger friend Song-Thanh.I think we both had a great time there,nice food and a good company,what can be better?

I feel like those mini viennoiseries are my favorite in Paris!They were pretty small,so it's possible to try almost everything.There was also a hearty plat of scramble egg.Apparently,that was already a hearty set,but I still got a cake "Ispahan."I'd been waiting for that for years!So I was crying like"Oh!My life is complete now!"Ttruth is,since I had so many amazing food in Paris,whenever I tasted something incredible,I just yelled inside like that!

Someone prefers macaron from Pierre Hermé,while someone likes Ladurée more.As for me,they are both good but I'd go for Ladurée.I think their flavors are more traditional,because there're more different and new flavors in Pierre Hermé.When I was about to leave Paris,I even bought some at the airport!Can't resist it!

Stay tuned with my Paris/Italy series!


  1. O gosh!!!!! I miss Laduree!! we also have one in here, by the upper east side, but its really small and always crowded!!!

  2. Cool ways to display what is fashionable.

  3. Ladurée <3

  4. Yuuummyyy great pics !!

    xx Selma


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