Sunday, March 25, 2012


Judging from title "Daim (pronounced "Dime"),"you might be curious about what it is.I heard it from a friend.She told me that's a typical Swedish candy and she actually had some daim in her house,so she just gave me some!Given the fact that I'm so stuck on anything about Sweden and this's a food blog,I was thrilled to know it!

Here's a confession:I would say blame the "drop (the notorious Holland candy)".I know that it has nothing to do with daim,but it really casts a shadow on me in some way,when it comes to foreign candies.So when my friend told me about daim,I was like"Ah,ok,it sounds interesting,I'd love to try it!"But I couldn't help associating daim with drop!When I got home,I looked at the pack of daim,thinking it's no harm to give it a shot.Then I took one,it really surprised me!If drop is like the hell,daim is definitely the heaven.Sorry Dutch people!I think I was awfully frightened by drop.Haha The point is,daim tastes good!!!

Daim is like a almond toffee covered with milk chocolate.It didn't seem to be a novelty for me.It's probably because I've tasted almond toffee and milk chocolate before.This time,it's just like combining those things together!I was googling daim,and found out that it's always available at IKEA.If you're around,you should get one to try.It's not like a refined chocolate,but it's more like a tasty pastime candy.I almost can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romano's Macaroni Grill

The weather is getting better,no more annoying rainy days.Somehow,I fall into hibernation.There're things for me to cope with and tests to prepare,but I just have little energy.So I'm telling you in advance that this's gonna be a lazy post,without too many details.

Actually,I'd been thinking about going to this restaurant,Romano's Macaroni Grill for years!I don't know why whenever I dined out,it wasn't my first choice.Most of the food I had there was good.The only tiny disappointment was the mussel.Each plat was quite hearty,it's perfect for a bunch of friends to gather.

I'm gonna let these pictures talk themselves and hope you guys had a great weekend!


Romano's Macaroni Grill
Add:7F,No.135,Sec.3,Minsheng E. Rd,Taipei City,Taiwan

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Milo Milo II

Since I got several interesting feedbacks about Swedish food,I suppose that you guys are quite into my previous post about this Swedish restaurant,Milo Milo.I saw from their Facebook that they started to offer "Semla" during Feburary.That's such an exciting news!

Umm I can't really remember where I got to know "Semla."According to my acquantaine with "Semla."it's a dessert that Swedish people are used to eating during Feburary.If you wanna know more details,click here.It's made from wheat flour,stuffed with almond paste,whipped cream,and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

To my little disappointment,the semla wasn't that tempting as I expectd,I feel like it's too fragile like a crust.Since I've never been to Sweden,I don't really know what a semla supposed to be like.Hearing my confusion,a Swedish friend told me that it should to be soft and fluffy.Euh well,I'm still quite interested in trying another Semla,perhaps in Sweden?

My friend had a "Fisk Soppa(Fish soup),"while I got a "Köugryta(Beef stew)."The beef was good but quite interesting.It's kinda like a Taiwanese flavour!Then,we decided to have another dessert,without a second thought,we both chose a brownie.The advantage of their dessert is,the price isn't expensive and the size is moderate,neither huge,nor petite.It's perfect guilty pleasure after a hearty meal!


Add:No.42,Lane 48,Guong-Fu South Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Monday, March 5, 2012

International Snacks Feast-Austria(4)

A yellow box just hit my mail box the other day.It's always an exciting thing to open up a parcel.Surprisingly,this is the very first time that the package and the items inside are both safe and sound,without any damage!It seems like the Austrian paper box is strong enough to stand wear and tear!

Friederike is an Austrian girl,who joined International Snacks Feast.Truth is,I just LOVE those snacks she sent me!No kidding,I feel like I'll definitely gain many pounds,if I move to Austria.Usually,I'm not that into snacks,but those Austrian snacks are really tasty.

The first one is Mozartkugeln.It's probably the most famous Austrian snack ever!Friederike is very thoughtful.She said that she'd already seen a post on my blog about that,so she decided to sent me a mini version!That's cute!I've never seen a mini one here.She also told me an interesting fact that this chocolate comes from Salzburg,a beautiful city,where is also the famous movie "The Sound of Music" took place.

Then,there're wafers!Friederike said that they're extremely famous in Austria.There's even a huge "Manner" shop in the center of Vienna,right next to the emblem of the city,the "Stephansdom."I think they're the best cookies I've ever tasted!My friend and I are both like,OMG these are sooooo good!The wafers are filled with hazelnut cream,which is pretty like Nutella!

The red pack of snacks are called "Dragee Keksi."They're cookies covered with chocolate.It has been an classic Austrian snack since 1974.People,including Friederike,love it since their childhood!It's a yummy chocolate snack,I just can't help having another and another bite,upon typing this post.

Besides,there're three little jars of jam.They're too beautiful to be consumed!"Staud's Vienna"is an old traditional Viennese brand.According to Friederike,jam is frequently used in Austrian kitchens,you need it to make many well-known desserts or just smear it and butter together on a bread.The thing is worth mentioning is those jams she sent me have some pictures on the top of each jar.Those beautiful pictures  are from the painter,Gustav Klimt,who is known for the renowned painting "The Kiss."

The yellow pack is a Viennese pastry.It's not actually a pastry,but more like meringue.It's made in Vienna and Friederike's mom is crazy about it!It can always be seen at traditional Christmas markets or festivals in Vienna.I don't know how to precisely describe its flavor,it's really sweet,and really sweet,and really sweet.Hahah I guess I really need a cup of tea!The sweetness is such a novelty for me!

As you can see,there's a small bottle of little pickles and salami-to-go.Friederike was like,they taste great together,so she just sent both of them to me!Austrian people love those pickles a lot and eat them with a variety of food,like their famous sausages!I've seen the salami-to-go here,but this's the first time I taste it.Indeed,you have to eat the salami with the pickles,they're indispensable to each other!

In a nutshell,this exchange is AWESOME!!!!!Each of the snacks surprised me and those things Friederike told me let me know more about the Austrian common sense.That's pretty cool!Aw btw,I'll go to Austria someday soon for the Manner Wafers!I'm serious!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 1st anniversary of Lust For Gourmandise

Heya!I can't believe how time flies!It has been a year since I started this blog.Here's a video to thank you guys!

First of all,I'd like to talk a bit about my perspective on my blog.As it's shown above,you may have read something about me.The reasons why I started my blog are,keeping my gourmet tours as a diary,sharing my experiences with people around the world and improving English on my own(Feel free to tell me if I make any stupid grammar or spelling mistake!;p).

I've never considered my blog as a pro one or an excellent one.Cuz I feel like what I write is very simple,brief and just being me.With the increasing of new and regular visitors of my blog,I'm really really happy about that.Thank you for your support,which means a lot to me!

Also,I'm glad that my event,International Snacks Feast,is quite successful.I've got to know several sweet girls from this event.It's just a fun way to know more a bit about other countries,even if you're physically stuck!


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