Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pierre Marcolini

When I tried Jean Paul-Hévin's chocolate,I thought I'd met my Mr.Right Chocolate.I didn't know I'll find someone new.

It's Pierre Marcolini,an extremely well-known Belgian chocolatier,who makes me completely captivated by his amazing chocolate.

I planed to visit this just-opened Pierre Marcolini in two weeks with my friend,but I was just around there by chance,so it seemed impossible not to stop by.I bought two cakes and a piece of chocolate this time.The cakes are called "L'Envol" and "Le Macaron Sablon."As for that tiny piece of chocolate,it was already in my stomach when I took pictures of things I got,but I'm sure there will be a post about Pierre Marcolini here in no time!

L'Envol is a black chocolate cake,stuffed with some orange crème brûlée and vanilla sauce.It's full of layers,which amazed me like a firework.Telling from its appearance,"Le Macaron Sablon" is pretty similar to "Ispanhan,"which is created by Pierre Hermé(I was wondering if all the guys named Pierre are so talented in desserts?).The difference is the stuffing in "Le Macaron Sablon" is strawberries and rose creme rather than raspberries and lychees.

The sad thing about Pierre Marcolini is both of their desserts and chocolates are expensive,but for the record,they worth every single penny!


Pierre Macolini

Tel: 02-2722-0660
Add: 2F,No.19,Song-Gao Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Sunday, January 22, 2012

PaPa Gio'

There're countless Italian restaurants here in Taipei,but only a few of them cook like a real Italian dish.I guess it might be weird for me to say that,since I haven't been to Italy so far.So I'm not here to judge like a pro,don't take this too serious,cuz you know,I'm just a normal teenage girl,writing a food blog during her leisure time.

My perception of a good and authentic Italian food is from books and TV programs,like "No Reservation" by Anthony Bourdain,"Take Home Chef" by Curtis Stone,and some other shows by Jamie Oliver.Basically,I'm an Italian cuisine lunatic,being an outsider at the same time.

PaPa Gio' is definitely one of the TOP 3 Italian restaurant in Taipei.I love everything there!Having a meal there is like going to see a circus,they'll never let you down!My friend and I got a parma ham with sweet melon for appetizer.I didn't order that at PaPa Gio' before,but now I'm starting to worry that I'll keep ordering the same appetizer whenever I go there!

I also had a smoked duck breast risotto.That was truly an almost-perfect one!Since I was so immersed in that fantastic texture and aroma,I could barely chat with my friend,while I was having it.The smoked duck breast was just ok,because I don't like the fat on the sliced duck breast.Except that,the risotto was hard to describe how good it was.It was well-cooked and totally soaked up with balsamic sauce.

Their desserts are unquestionably exceptional.If you have no idea what to choose,a Tiramisu might be just right for you!I'd love to eat hundreds times of their Tiramisu,it's too good to take a pause when you're having it.This time I got a Crema Cotta.Cracking the crispy caramel was such a delightful sound to hear and the texture was unparalleled!

I've been to PaPa Gio' for several times and I just can't and won't get tired of their amazing dishes!How badly I want to go there every weekend!Hahah!


Papa Gio'
Add:No.22,Alley 6,Lane 170,Chung-Hsiao E. Rd. Sec 4,Taipei,Taiwan

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Les Galettes Sablées du Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, located in Normandy,France, is on the top of my travel list.I've read several traveling and gastronomic books about there.I feel like it's a place where gathers perfectly the scenery and the gourmet food.

The local people say that there're three must-try food,the omelettes from La Mère Poulard,Agneau Pré-Salé and the apple pie which is made from a particular type of apple,called "Reinette Clochard."

La Mère Poulard is actually a hotel & restaurant,but they are also available for a variety of biscuits and other pastries.You can see more info at this website.

Although I've tried this biscuit before,I'm still excited to receive it from a French friend.I like every flavor of La Mère Poulard's biscuits,because each one has a distinct taste and they just make me can't help having another and another bite.The one I have this time,the appearance is quite plain,but you actually can taste the butter aroma.

The video is about their omelettes.On seeing this video,I was wondering who doesn't want to go there right away?

Ah!Btw,finally,I'm on vacation now!!!Whoop!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

International Snacks Feast-Belgium(1)

Whoop!!!Finally,here comes the first post of my new event,"International Snacks Feast!"In case,you haven't read my previous post,I'm here explaining a bit again.In brief,this's an event that we exchange snacks from each other's country.If you're interested in joining me,you can take a look this post.

My friend Lisa,who sent me the parcel,is from Belgium.It's her proposal that inspired me to come up with this idea.I really find it interesting.

It took a bit longer than I expected to receive the package.On the moment I saw it,I realized what happened.It was kept by the customs and opened up for checking.Sadly,there's a glass bottle was broken.Fortunately,others stuffs are safe and sound.So If you guys are gonna send me stuffs in glass,it'd be safe to wrap them with something.

Obviously,Belgium is known for their amazing chocolate products.I really love those stuffs Lisa sent me.Especially,I'm so impressed by the praliné.I've heard about this particular word for chocolate,but I was not so sure about the definition so I found an explanation from wikipedia.
Praline can refer to confections made from nuts and sugar syrup,whether in whole pieces or in ground powder,or to any chocolate confection containing the ground powder or nuts.Belgian pralines are different,they consist of a hard chocolate shell,with a softer,or sometimes liquid,filling.French pralines are a combination of almonds and caramelized sugar.American pralines from New Orleans also contain milk or cream and are therefore softer and creamier,resembling fudge.
You may have noticed that the pack on the right side of the first picture looks so cute.It suggests that you can have a hot chocolate in the twinkling of an eye.Lisa told me to put a stick into a cup of hot milk to make it as hot chocolate.It's interesting to do that.The milk became pretty tasty with the flavor of chocolate but I don't think it's a good idea to just eat the chocolate,since it's a bit too sweet for me.

It has been such a long time since my first try of orangette from Godiva.I like the way to combine orange and chocolate.If you are fond of chocolate but not really a sweet tooth,I think you'll like this.

Last but not least,those two cans are "Teririne Campagnarde" and "Terrine de canard au jus de Truffes."Well,I don't really know how to explain those words,but basically,the former is a spread of pork ,while the later is a spread of duck.Those two just taste delicious!Me and my mom are so in love with the  duck's flavor,we just served it with salmon and baguette for lunch today.

So this's the first post of International Snacks Feast!How do you like it?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

September Café II

This's my second post about September Café.I just like that place a lot.It's a café that you wouldn't feel awkward being alone there.I went there the other day before going to an art studio.

Their decoration has changed a bit since my last visit and there're even some colorful poinsettia pots.I got a "Chilly Anchovy Tomato Spaghetti"and a"Boccone Dolce with Mixed Berries Sauce."I ordered a set menu,which means it includes a garnish and a cup of coffee.

The interesting thing is,at the moment seeing the "garnish,"I was like "You can't be serious!This's obviously a pudding!"Then,I asked a server and he said that was an egg,rather than a pudding.I was like,"Ok,so I'll just eat it."However,after a bite,it couldn't be more obvious that it was a pudding.I told the server that it was definitely a pudding.He asked their kitchen staffs and found out that they sent the wrong one.The truth was I had a hot pudding as garnish.So please be prepared that you'll possibly get a sweet garnish!

The dessert was,out of question,a perfect one.The boccone was sweet but it balanced well with the berries sauce.I think that even you're not a sweet tooth,chances are that you'll be fond of it.

Umm...I don't feel like writing too much today,since I'm just being so tired during these days.Two more weeks to go!Whoop!


Add:No.2-1,Lane 14,Siwei Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

*Ooops!There're supposed to have other two photos but I just accidentally deleted them!;---s

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