Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro (Christmas Meal)

Christmas is like my favorite time of the year.I like the joyful atmosphere and those cliché-but-necessary christmas carols.Sadly,christmas is not our national holiday here,which means I don't have a holiday.To my  relief,lots of tests were finished by last week,so I can celebrate it to my heat's content.

Ok,euh it might be exaggerate to say "celebrate,"cuz I only dined with my friend and there's nothing really special for christmas.Ah!Btw,since I'm maniac about snail mails,I love to send christmas cards to my friends abroad.My German friend even sent me some marzipan,which made me so surprised.It has been three year since my first try of marzipan in London.The primitive way is the best way to show your sincerity.

To have a christmas meal,I chose Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro,where I've been to several times.I just can't get tired of their food!My friend and I both got a christmas set menu.The first dish is a mushroom appetizer,followed by creamy cauliflower soup,lemon trout with butter potato and spinach,ended with ginger bread cheese cake with hazelnut mousse and a cup of coffee.

Generally,that was a good meal.Still,I think there're some details needed to be improved.For example,I think the food is not bad,but it'd be better if they can heat up the plate in advance and the food could be warmer as well.Besides,I'm not sure if this's the result of the increasing customers on christmas,I found that almost every plates was served with stain.Apparently,they spilled a bit,when they were filling the plate.I understand that it happens but that just easily leave customer a bad impression,though.

Merry Christmas!!!


Add:No.5,Dexing West Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Monday, December 19, 2011

SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon

The restaurant tour this week was quite awful!Actually,I went to this place like three years ago.I already had a not-so-good impression on it,but I feel like it deserves a second chance,that's why I went there again.It turned out that I was being too nice.

Without doubt, Joël Robuchon is an prominent chef,who has received the honor of MOF(Meilleur Ouvrier de France)at an early age.Nonetheless,going to this tea house is like buying a shopping bag from a luxury brand.It doesn't worth it at all!

My friend got a crème brûlée and a chocolate macaroon.Judging from the size,you'd feel like "Are you kidding me?"The crème brûlée was super tiny and tasted like panna cotta.As for me,I had a "Le Riso Al Salto,"which there're parma ham,arugula and taleggio cheese rice cake.Besides,I also got a "Le Tendanse Chocolat,"which is a chocolate mousse.

The weird thing is I think that they have a bad translation.They named those dishes in French.I'm confused that why they translated "la roquette" into spinach in chinese,while it supposed to be arugula.Also,according to the chinese menu,they said that there's sorbet in the dessert,but there're actually nothing besides chocolate mousse and some chocolate cookie chips.

To my disappointment,the quality and the price of their food only make me feel like they're just trying to reap colossal profits from customers.The price is definitely over-rated and the quality is just okay.

Still,I'm excited about my coming tours!My friend just gave me some suggestions,so there're more restaurants added to my to-go list!Woohoo!


SALON DE THE de Joël Robuchon
Add:3F,No. 28,Song-Ren Rd,Taipei City,Taiwan

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm dying for a holiday!

The back and forth between home and uni,endless tests and a coming presentation are making me stand on the edge of getting crazy.That's also why there's no a gourmet tour this weekend.

I just randomly grab a photo which I took months ago and share some thoughts with you.Like I said before,chocolate is a necessity in my life.Those two little packs of chocolate are my best companies during the long and tiring route of going home from college.It doesn't mean I eat them every day,but the traffic is insane sometimes which makes my stomach gets hungry even more.

The M&M pretzel flavor is quite special.I like it more than the milk chocolate or peanut one.It's exactly like the words on the package,"Crunchy,Salty,Sweet."You might think that it's weird to combine pretzel with chocolate.But I think it's like you dip pretzel into nutella,which is my roomie taught me in NYC.She was like "Seriously?You've never tried them this way?" Before long I got addicted to it!

Most of you guys,lovely girls who constantly leave me a sweet comment,have a christmas holiday.Sadly,I'm here struggling with school stuffs and I won't have a holiday until Chinese New Year.I'm desperately craving for holiday!

p.s. Thanks for joining my "International Snacks Feast,"stay tuned and see what's gonna happen!(New participants are still welcome!)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come Join The International Snacks Feast

This project is inspired by my Belgian friend Lisa.She said like"How about let's exchange snacks from our countries?"She sends me some snacks from Belgium:in return,I send her snacks from Taiwan.It's good to get to know different countries in this interesting way.I think this is an awesome idea.So here's my plan:

Choose 5-7 kinds of little snacks of your country:
(It depends on the size.I usually stuff them into a 30x20cm box.)

1.They must from your country.
2.You must love them.
3.Don't spend a fortune on them.(I mean like,if you're Russian,you don't send a jar of caviar!)

I'm always willing to try something new,so don't hesitate even if it's notoriously good!
I plan to do this kind of post once a month,your blog will be posted as well!Win-Win!
For safety reasons,this project is only open for bloggers for the time being.
If you're interested in this project,leave your name,country and e-mail below,I'll get back to you asap!

Come join me & Have some fun together!

p.s New participants are always welcome!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Le Palais

I've traveled to several countries and I'm reluctant to say that Hong Kong is the only one lets me down.Unquestionably,Hong Kong is the top gourmet capital in Asia.Therefore,I have to say I had wonderful meals when I was there,but the reason why I don't like the city is the crowd.I don't like to stay in a crowded place and there's an insanely number of people dwelled in Hong Kong!

Also,there's an interesting thing I found in Hong Kong:the metro escalators.The speed of the escalator is super fast!I can barely imagine how the elder survive in that fast-speed city.When I took the escalator,I had to be like"ok,one,two,three and go!"I had to be so careful and put my full attention upon stepping in and out of the escalator.

Due to my loner personality,I feel like having a Hong Kong style meal in Taipei is a better option for me.I watched a TV show,introducing a Hong Kong style restaurant the other day.The decoration and the dishes seemed so nice,so I invited my friend if she's interested.

The restaurant is located on the top of a hotel,called "Le Palais."I'm impressed by the decoration,which is  very classic and elegant.Since Christmas is around the corner,there're some christmas ornaments as well as antiques.The entrance of the hotel is tiny,and it's not easy to be noticed,but delicate!

We had various dim sums and enjoyed them a lot!There're "Pan-Fried Turnip Cake with Preserved Meat,""Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork,""Steamed Chicken Feet with X.O. Sauce,""Steamed Prawn Dumplings" and "Steamed Pork Dumplings with Fish Roe."I'm sure that if your are a frequent costumer to a Kong Kong style restaurant,you would feel quite familiar with these dishes.I love these kinds of little  snakes a lot,because each of them is not big,so you can taste different ones!

Le Palais(Palais de Chine Hotel)
Add:No.3,Sec.1,Chengde Rd,Taipei City,Taiwan

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