Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eslite Tea Room

People who knows me well must know that I don't like going out.So being a homebody,what do I do in my tiny cozy room?The answer is reading.Reading is like my biggest interest.I'm fond of every subjects,because they give me different aspects of knowledge.The realms I enjoy the most are style,traveling and gastronomy.I think the common thing among these three is they're all telling you how to enjoy your life.I mean,can you imagine your life without these elements?

Usually,I have a huge book shopping day twice a year.One is at the beginning of the year and the other is at the end of the year.It doesn't mean I don't buy any book at other times,but those two days I'd get tons of books.There's only one rule of buying books for me: Don't buy novels!Well,I like to read novels as well,but novels are just like stories,it's hard to read again,at least for me.I'd feel like such a waste,if I buy it and only read it once.

Anyway,my point is,I spent a whole afternoon at my favourite bookstore today and got plenty of good new books.The bookstore is called "Eslite" and they have several branch stores in Taipei.I like the atmosphere there a lot,so I love to linger there sometimes.Beside bookstores,they also have a restaurant inside.After the tiring-but-satisfying shopping for books,I went to their restaurant with my dad.I went there years ago and I can't remember whether it's good.So it's no harm to give it a shot again.

I ordered a "Sea Food Pasta With Tomato Sauce,"while my dad got a "Smoked Duck Breast Sandwich."I wouldn't say the pasta is an amazing one,it was not that bad,though.To give it a precise definition,I'd say it 's like a microwave food with a good quality.The problem is the pasta which tastes plain,but I like that there were lots of clams,squids and shrimps.As for the drink,we had a earl grey tea and a blackcurrant tea respectively.You can stop by when you're getting tired at the bookstore but it worths neither a special journey nor a detour.

Eslite Tea Room
Add:3F,No.11,Song-gao Rd,Taipei City,Taiwan

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chocolate Madness

"Every girl loves chocolate!" said by a school delegate,whom I was working with as a translator.In the tiring afternoon,she offered me a little pack of chocolate.I declined out of politeness but she insisted me to accept.That was truly a sweet memory!

I totally agree what she said about girls' madness about chocolate.However,I'd say who doesn't love chocolate!I feel like chocolate is a necessity in my life.I just can't live without it!Chocolate is something able to make me feel good all the time,no exception!In my words,when you tired,upset,sad or fuck my life,all you need is a piece of chocolate!

Currently,I love Valrhona's chocolate the best.But you know,good chocolate is not cheap at all.So most of time I have to find a chocolate candy as a substitute,I think Twix ,Kit Kat and Maltesers do a great job as comfort food as well.

The photo I post today is "Mozartkugeln Mozart Chocolate."I'm surprised that I can find it at a convenient store here.I like its layers and the texture.It's filled with a core of marzipan,covered with a layer of dark praline cream,coated that with a light praline cream,and then dipped into dark smooth chocolate.It's one-of-a-kind and you'd definitely wanna a second bite once you put it into your mouth.

So,what about you guys?Any favourite chocolate? (;


Monday, November 14, 2011


Once you have something really delicious,you'll can't help ordering the same thing again next time,even if you know you should try something new.I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about.I was thinking about having the apple pie from Chilis this weekend.It took me such a long time to give way to myself.How so?Cuz there's the very first Vapiano opened in Taiwan yesterday!

Despite the Italian name and dishes,Vapiano is an international chain restaurant from Germany.I've heard a lot about it from some Swedish friends,which makes me have a great expectation for it.To my surprise,we didn't have to wait to get in when we arrived.I thought there would be tons of people,since it just opened.

My friend and I had "Bruschetta Trio" for appetizer,a "Insalata Nizza(Nice salad)",a "Tomatoes and Praws Spaghetti" and a "Rucola Ravioli."

The ravioli was really creamy.Being a huge fan of cheese,I'd strongly recommend it.As for the spaghetti,my friend and I both agree that it's a nice dish,yet a little bit strange.Blame the spaghetti she chose!She got the whole wheat flavor.It wasn't that bad,but just didn't go well with an "Italian"dish.I'd say that it suits Japanese cuisine better.

I spent a great afternoon with my friend there.The urban Italian decor is cozy and chic,and the yummy food just made it a nice place to catch up with friends.Aw!And it's interesting to order their food and drink with a chip card.Such an innovative way,huh?

I didn't try their desserts this time but maybe I'll try the rice pudding next time!We didn't have enough time for the round two,dessert time,so we just randomly went to a café to chill out a bit.


Add:10F-2,No. 12,Songshou Rd,Taipei City,Taiwan

Sunday, November 6, 2011


It can't be more obvious that I was born to have a sweet tooth.As far as candy is concerned,I only crave for chocolate and gummy bear.People find me hilarious to love gummy bear,but geez,I don't know why I just love it.Also,the fact is,Germany makes the best gummy bear!

Ok,the point is,I went to this lovely candy shop,Papabubble,the other day.I've heard about it for a long time and didn't pay a visit until now.They have various kinds of handmade candies and you'd totally be stunned at the moment you step inside.You can actually see their staffs making candy at the shop which is pretty interesting.I'm completely captivated by that,even if I'm no longer a three-year-old child.

Since all the candies looked freaking cute,it took me so long to decide which flavor to buy.Finally,I got a pack of mixed pillow candy and a pack of passionfruit candy.I gotta tell you that it's the most amazing hard candy I've ever had,especially the passionfruit one!Without doubt,those yummy candy are my best companies to get through the mid-term week.

Aw!Btw,Papabubble is originally from Barcelona and it's available in many big cities as well,such as NYC,Barcelona,Hong Kong,Amsterdam,to name a few.Go check their website to find if there's one in your city!(!

Papabubble (Taiwan)
Add: No.12,Lane 151,Ren-Ai Rd,Taipei,Taiwan


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