Monday, September 26, 2011


This is my first post about Japanese cuisine.I know we live on rice here in Taiwan;somehow,it's the last staple food I'd go for.

Mitsui,my frequently-visit Japanese restaurant,has the best take-out in Taipei.They are also available for lunch and dinner with a not-so-sweet price.But the good news is their to-go is really delicious,and it's much cheaper than having there.

I just enjoy eating at home more than going to a restaurant.Especially in this crazy weather,I love to have delicious things while watching a good film or tv series in front of my lovely Mac Book.

The first box is crab sushi and the second one is shrimp sushi.

This is "Doumyouji",a traditional Japanese dessert,which used red bean as the stuffing and black sesame covering around the glutinous rice.

Dorayaki is another classic Japanese dessert and I get a lime flavor.There're red bean,lime and juicy grape inside.I'm so enamored of them!


Add:No.604,Min-Shui Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro

The most frequent question pops in my head is what I'm going to have for the next meal.I take eating seriously,it's like the most important thing in my daily life.Having a good meal can not only maintain your health,but also bring you a delightful mood.

Therefore,I have a long restaurant list that I list up every restaurant I want to visit.But I think it's a mission impossible,cuz there're always some places I wanna visit over and over again.

Obviously,Wendel's is one of them,it's the restaurant suitable for anytime.You can enjoy the sunshine at the terrace during a sunny day,and have a cozy seat in winter.

I always have a bad impression on all-you-can-eat.I feel like it's always about quantity rather than quality.However,Wendel's does a fantastic job,and with a super nice price!What a sweetheart deal!

Their salad bar offers a wide selection of cold dish,which is the food you would enjoy a lot during a hot summer day.Each dish is so fresh and yum,I like the salmon,yogurt cucumber,smoked duck,ham,to name a few,so much!

 Beside the salad bar,my friend and I also share a "Salmon Florentine" together,which is creamy risotto with some vegetable and grilled salmon.It's so delicious that we barely talk when we eat it.

 For the sweet ending,we miss a fruit tart,the most drooling-look dessert.Still,there're some nice cakes.What I like about them is they are sponge cake.I just personally prefer denser cake.Lemon tart is pretty awesome,but if it's cookie base,I'd have more slices.

Wendel's German Bakery & Bistro

Add:No.5,Dexing West Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Café

Has it ever occurred to you that you find a lovely café,which you feel like it's the place that you wanna spend all day long there?

Some people like Starbucks,some people like Costa,and they just like hanging there with a good book or a laptop.Usually,the decoration is the key factor that makes you enjoy the atmosphere there.September Café is no exception.

Simple,cozy and delightful are the words I'd describe this place.

I have a meeting this afternoon around there,so I can't miss this chance to stop by.I'd love to try something different but I just can't resist those yum stuffs I got last time,and then I have the same thing "Chicken Salad with Pita" and "Matcha Boccone Dolce with Wine Berry Sauce" again.

This chicken salad is an interesting dish,in a good way,though.I feel like the way they cook the chicken is kinda chinese,it makes me think of the vendor food,but I like it a lot.And the pita is chewy and tasty.Speaking of pita,I miss Cafe Mogardo,a moroccan in NYC so badly.It was my first acquaintance with pita!

 The macha boccone dolce is so amazing!It's made of baked Italian meringue and matcha mousse.The baked meringue is really crispy,but once in your mouth,it just disappears like a cloud.It's surprising and  light-but-satisfying.

September Café
Add:No.2-1,Lane 14,Siwei Rd,Taipei,Taiwan

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Broderick's Bar

Granola bars,chocolate bars,candy bars are my favorite snakes.I guess I just have a "bar complex,"whenever I see a cute looking bar,I buy it without a second thought.The truth is,all me naive or what,chances are,I'm usually taken in by their appearance.

I heard about "Broderick's" from friends and blogs.They said Broderick's has the best bar they've ever tasted.Luckily,Broderick's,a super awesome bar company in Dublin,Ireland, offers me some samples,and that really makes me wanna jump up and down on my bed.

It takes quite a while till the package shipped my home,and I was like always counting days and guess when it was going to arrive.

The moment I finally give it the first bite,trust me,every second is worth waiting!It's literally the best bar I've ever had!They have various flavors.

 Each flavor is so unique and they all have different catchy and cute names.Geez!The chocolate one is very rich and moist,while the granola one is very chewy.

My favorite would go for "Road Rocking Choc Choc Block" and "Chilly Brrrr Brrr Slippy Slice.""Road Rocking Choc Choc Bloak" is a chocolate and marshmallow bar,it's one-of -a-kind!I mean,have you ever seen a bar with marshmallow?The texture is very special!

And the "Chilly Brrrr Brrr Slippy Slice" is so rich and dense like a chocolate pie,it's such a guilty pleasure to have it!

Now,what are you waiting for?Check their website and get some right now!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sushi? Look again!

So I was browsing all the posts by Wida the other day,and I randomly found a super cute stuff!

This's actually an edible candy.Although there're different colors of the powder,they are all grape flavor.And all your have to do is put several packs of powder into water and do some handwork.Then,you can enjoy your sushi!

Since I post videos about the instruction,I only show your guys the result I get.

The appearance of the result is just okay,I guess I'm not a good sushi chef.Anyway,you must be curious about what they taste like.I'm really disappointed with that,because they are really really really creepy,which means I only use my tongue to taste,the texture is super disgusting,I definitely won't eat that.This is just used for fun,trust me,if you are hungry,go get a real and delicious sushi!You won't wanna have it.

What do you think about it?It's lots of fun of making them,but now I really need to find some real food to eat!

Girls!Please comment this post only if you've read through the post or watched the video.Cuz I wasn't making a real sushi!

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