Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Valerie's Kitchen:Pan-fried Cognac Brandy Apples

Generally,I like fruit;somehow,apple is not my thing.What's more,even my doctor doesn't know why I easily get stomachache whenever I eat apple.That's really weird!But here's something unexpected going on!

Curtis Stone,an extremely charming and humorous Australian chef (geez he's my dream lover! ),who hosts a popular tv show,Take Home Chef,demonstrated an amazing dish of Normandy Apple Crêpe last night.I immediately feel like aw I gotta learn it right away!

The recipe is very simple,anyone can get the hang of it in no time.To my surprise,this's the first dessert that I successfully ace it at the very first time.So trust me,you can't go wrong even if you're a rookie.It's kind of a plain appearance with a freaking good taste!

Sadly,I have neither a crêpe machine nor mascarpone cheese,which means I only can make the pan-fried apples today.The good news is I booked a crêpe machine just now.Hopefully,I'll create different kinds of crêpe soon.

To fry the apple(a person's portion is about one apple),you just have to peel and slice it first.Then,put them into the pan,sprinkle some sugar and honey,drizzle some cinnamon and Cognac Brandy.Sounds so easy,huh?And after five minutes (or till you can smell the mouthwatering aroma and see the fringe gets burned a little bit),voilà!Here's your delicious pan-fried apples!

This is my first time completely in love with apple.How can it be so yummy just with a tiny trick?Aw btw,if you're obsessed with slathering a thick layer of peanut butter on apple,give it up!I guarantee that your favorite snack would be pan-fried apples hereafter.

Ah!I almost forget to tell you the most important tip,which is don't waste the juice in the pan!The liquid left in the pan is caramel!Drizzle it on the top of apples after you put them in a plate!Bon appetit!


  1. looks delicious!

    xo Camilla

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely,sweet comment x
    All this food looks so yummy! Making me hungry,i really want those bannana cookies :)
    You have a new follower x
    Hope your having a lovely day <3

  3. it sounds like its great :) & that's unusual, maybe you have an allergy or something to it? But then again, if it was just that your doctor probably would've picked up on it and told you


  4. Hi, your blog is great!
    Like the shots! Check out mine ;)

  5. o m g getting so hungry just looking through youre blog!! Now I wanna go to Taiwan for a food tour!!

  6. mmmm! How nice blog! I've just discovered you and I like your blog!! Nice desserts! So yummy!

    Besos from BARCELONA!

  7. oooooh kurtis stone! That looks really nice, I should spend more time cooking food :S

  8. looks delicious, I'm hungry now!

  9. Oh, i love Curtis!! I watch everyday his cooking show! :)

    Btw, You are welcome to visit my fashion blog! :)

  10. mmm... it looks so delicious!


  11. while I'm not a big kitchen dweller, I'm totally loving your blog! Makes me want to try my hand at some of these recipes, and those apples look AMAZINGGG

    XO Sahra

  12. Mmm, they look yummy!!

    Sadie x

  13. yummm!! love curtis our Aussie boy from my hometown ;) xx

  14. I know an excellent Muscat producer with all kinds of gourmet meals. Can not resist a good wine or liquor.


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