Monday, August 8, 2011

Valerie's Kitchen:Banana Cookies

This was actually a crispy pumpkin cookies recipe.After steaming the pumpkin,it seems like it has too much fiber to bake cookies.So I just change it into banana and cross my fingers.

What I like about this recipe is this's completely 0% of butter,which means you don't have to heat up all the ingredients first and that really save your time.

I also try to put some chocolate chips in the cookies.But after experimenting some cookies,I feel like the flavor would be too heavy.And then,I just keep baking plain banana cookies.

The result is different from what I thought,because according to the pumpkin cookies recipe,it supposed to be very crispy.On the contrary,the banana version I create is between crispy cookies and a banana cake.I don'n know whether this's because of banana or my incompetence.

Even though I failed to make the crispy cookies,I think if you like banana,you'll gonna love them.The mouthwatering baking smell lingers in my kitchen for hours.So if you would like to give it a try,here's the recipe!


egg yolk                                      1
suger                                        60g
banana                                     50g
cake flour                                 110g
baking powder           1/3  tea   spoon
vanilla extract               1 tea    spoon
milk                             1 table spoon

1.Mix all the ingredients,except the cake flour.
2.Add the cake flour little by little
3.I don't know the exact time for baking.I just keep an eye on them all the time.

p.s. My mommy,aka my exclusive consultant,says the failure of the pumpkin is due to the type I use.The one I use is oval-shaped and I supposed to use the one which looks like Cinderella-pumpkin-carriage.Hmm this exciting clue makes me can't wait to bake again!


  1. Hey! Thank you so much for commenting my blog :) Your blog is dangerous haha, too much tasty things in one place!! kidding, you've got a lovely blog too!


  2. YUM! These sound and look amazing. I've never heard of banana cookies before, but I love the sound of them. I love banana flavored anything!

  3. do try and share the outcome of your pumpkin cookies! sounds yummy! :)

  4. These looks so nice, may have to give them a go myself :)

  5. I like cookies and i LOVE bananas so these can't be wrong! gotta try this recipe ^^ x

  6. Yes i lvoe your give me hungry !


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