Friday, August 5, 2011

Secret weapons against scorchers

During scorching days,the best way to cool down,without doubt,is ice cream.But I don't really know why I'm not a fan of ice cream,instead,I crave sorbet!

However,last summer,when I was in New York,it was my first time trying gelato and frozen yogurt.And then I changed my ming right away,gelato and frozen yogurt become my current obsessions.

The awesome gelato I got was from L'arte del Gelato,which is located in my favorite area,chelsea market.They have a wide selection of gelato,from nutella to fruits,so they definitely can cater your picky tongue.

The photo I took was not very good,so I took some pics from their website and you also can click the link above to see the details.Aw please stop by if you're in NYC,or I'd say it's totally worth a detour!

Then,as for frozen yogurt,my first acquaintance was like,on my way to have some shopping around Union Square with my roomie,Maria,she asked me if I like frozen yogurt,and I was like aw I'd heard about it but I'd never try it,then Maria was like how can you don't know about it?She said if you like yogurt,you'll certainly like it.And luckily,there's a frozen yogurt shop,Pinkberry,around there,so she took me there right away.Since then,I'm totally in love with that.When I came back to Taiwan,I missed it so bad and I was thinking geeez where can I get some frozen yogurt?

To my relief,I think God probably has heard my prayer,because there are increasing frozen yogurt shops open in Taipei.

Yoforyo,Yogurtme,Tutti Frutti,to name a few,but I think the best one is Hielo.

I like that you can have a great variety of choices,either pick what you want or combo,and of course,you can chose the size.Like these HOT days,sometimes I just have a large size as my lunch.

My favorite are "Kate"and "Cup Justin," the former is original frozen yogurt with kiwi,melon and strawberry,and the later is layers of original frozen yogurt,granola and cupcake,topped with passionfruit,kiwi and melon.

Despite my previous comment for ice cream,I've found a super creamy and crunchy one.This is Häagen-Dazs's Cookies&Cream.It's ridiculously yummy,the speed I finnish it just like the way I eat Nutella.It is not only creamy but also has layers of texture.It's much tasty than just vanilla one.

Umm yeah,these are my secret weapons (aka guilty pleasures) to fight against the oven-like weather.No matter what you like,I hope you all can find a sweet way to survive from the summer.


  1. o.m.g.
    I want..
    So badly haha!

  2. OMG!!! i love frozen yogurt! ♥ it looks so delicious in here!

  3. yummy, it looks so amazing <3 i love ice cream <3 i will follow you



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