Saturday, August 6, 2011

Antoine Room

Being the only child in my family,I never feel lonely.But I guess because of this condition,I cultivate my hobby into a calmer and alone one.I really enjoy doing things on my own during my leisure time,sometimes I even feel like I'm such a loner.However,I'm so grateful that I've made several good friends in my life,whom I can share anything with.

It may be cliché to say that Poki and Jessie are my "BFF,"but the fact is I can't figure out how they manage to make me laugh so hard whenever we hang out together.

My mom has met them several times before and heard a lot of them from me as well.Since Jessie studies in Seattle,we made a deal like six months ago that my mom will take us to Antoine Room this summer.

The amuse bouche,peach vinegar with vegetable jelly,is not particularly stand-out.The peach vinegar does stimulate my palette but the vegetable jelly is kind of creepy,just some different colors of chopped pepper and agar.

Tomato-flavored butter and plain butter served along with breads.

Our fresh juice,orange,grapefruit and kiwi.

Jessie and my mom are not a fan of raw dish,so they have shrimp and avocado salad as the second dish,and me and Poki have carpaccio.The carpaccio is pretty good,it's given more texture by spreading olive oil and sprinkling sesame on its surface before being cut into slices.I'm surprised that the crispy fringe is sesame because I thought it was because of roasting.

The cappuccino mushroom soup is really delicious,creamy and served at a perfect temperature.The proportion of froth and soup is about one to one,which can warm your stomach but doesn't leave no room for the coming dishes.

Next dish is butter escargot,topped with fried silk-like alomond.

The main course is steak.I'd blame the pleasant atmosphere that I forget the exact name of the steak.But I think it doesn't change the fact that it's well-cooked.The garnishes are some grilled vegetable and a small portion of potato.I like the garnish a lot that it's not oily.

What can be a competent happy ending except an amazing dessert?This is an imported peach from France covered with berries and there's a vanilla ice cream underneath.The peach is the best one I've ever had.It's hard to precisely describe what it's like,it's neither super juicy nor crunch.It's far cry from the common Japanese peach.It's such a heaven-like moment when you scoop a spoon of ice cream with the peach.Aw!I have no idea I can have a thing with peach until this sweet encounter.

As alway,this hearty meal ends up with a cup of black tea.

Add:No.12,Sec. 1,Zhongxiao E. Rd,Taipei,Taiwan


  1. wow everything looks so delish, i love resto reviews! Do you have a follow widget? I would love to follow your food adventures. Come visit my blog and follow me back? :)

  2. wow... these pictures are great! the avocado salad looks great hmmm


  3. @Marcia B.
    hey thank you!and yes i have a follow widget,u can find it on the top of my page,there's a navbar. <3

  4. The shrimp and avacado salad looks incredible!

  5. butter escargot topped with fried silk-like alomond... yesss


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