Monday, July 11, 2011

Whoop!Let's Off To Hong Kong!

Last week,my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Hong Kong and I said yes right away.Since I don't have a big travel plan this summer,I guess a short trip would be great.After all,hey it's summer time!To be honest,I have little acquaintance with Hong Kong.Despite the fact that my mom has frequent business trips to there,those are just some short stays.So the truth is me and my mom only bring our luggages and our general impressions to Hong Kong.

Even though I didn't get a tourist guide with me,I randomly googled for some information before this sudden trip and of course it was mainly about the local food.However,I have to confess that it's inevitable that I spent the other half time on shopping.Come on,I'm a girl and what I'm talking here is Hong Kong,the well-known shopping paradise.Who can resist that?

A three-day trip is far not enough for getting know a place well.But I'm glad that we took an early flight in the morning on the first day and took the last flight back to Taiwan.So I think it was short but enriched and it's definitely better to have quality rather than quantity.

The following are several dishes from all the restaurants I've tried this time.

This is our first meal in Hong Kong.We walk for half hour and we can't decide where to eat,then we choose a small restaurant nearby Causeway Bay.Generally,those dishes are not bad but a little bit over-priced.

First,we have the chicken green bean noodles,which is a cold dish,served like an appetizer.The chicken is cooked well,tender and moist,and the dressing is quite tasty,it's like peanut butter but in a salty way,mixed with some crunched peanut.Sadly,the green bean noodles is cut too thin and over-cooked. 

Second,this's water spinach,dressing with fermented bean curd.Judging from its smell,color and texture,it's a nice one.

Third,this is seafood rice crisps.I like the way they mix the shrimps,mushrooms,pork and the crispy rice together.But the chicken gizzards are over-cooked,they are too chewy and hard to bite.Overall,they taste nice but definitely don't deserve that price,which is about 220 HKD.

The second day in Hong Kong,we sleep until 10 o'clock,so we basically skip breakfast and have the lunch.We walk around Lan Kwai Fong and I can't find the restaurant I want to visit.The hot weather is just like Taipei,making me frustrated and annoying.Walking under that kind of temperature for more than    one hour with nothing in my stomach really tortures me.I' glad that despite being in that kind of condition,I don't forget my way of living in foreign country,which is "DON"T HESITATE TO ASK THE LOCALS!"

On seeing a young girl,who just came out from a stationary store,I walk toward her and ask if there is any restaurant around there that offers crispy buns served with sweet condensed milk or butter.In a short time,she comes up with a restaurant and tells us that there is one few blocks from there.She asks us to follow her,she can show us where it is.Aw she is super sweet,just like the young lady who showed us the way to our hotel,after we got off the bus,having no sense of direction on the first day.Soon,we arrive in front of the restaurant.It's called "Tsui Wah Restaurant."

The crispy bun with condensed milk tastes really good,hot and crispy.But I'm a little disappointed that I can't find the one which is served with ice butter,according to people who tasted before,that is heavenly good.What a shame!

The borsch is very fresh and sweet,but not particularly good.

 My mom loves this dish so bad,she says she is going to make this on her own soon.It's spinach dumplings with tomato sauce.

This is Thai style chicken feet salad.It's freaking spicy,if you don't like spicy dish:DO NOT ORDER IT.I do enjoy its sourness and crispy texture but the truth is I have to finish it with two glasses of ice lemon tea.Phewwww!

This lovely lunch proves my theory can't be more true.The locals are bound to lead you to the right place!

In the evening,after we struggled through the endless stream of people,losing their mind in H&M sales,we are exhausted and need to find a place to eat something and take a break.It's a cafe&restaurant around the corner of Queens Road Central and Stanley Street.The best one we have there is definitely the fried chicken!They are so crispy and tender but they are not too oily!Woop!I would love to try some more!

The best meal I've ever had during this trip is the last meal I have in Hong Kong.The restaurant is called "Modern China Restaurant",located on the 10th floor of Time Square.Ever single dish is unbelievably good!Yes,I am serious!

The chicken dipped in Xaoshing wine tastes just like the way it smells.The taste of alcohol is really strong,but there's actually a bit of sweetness in the chicken.Without doubt,this is the best one in my life!

These egg yolk buns are THE BEST I've ever had in my like.Aw I know I say it once again.But it's true!In Taiwan,I had plenty of the egg yolk buns before,the egg yolk stuffing is awesome,but it's really hard to find one which also has a great dough.And this one is a perfect combination,it's made well inside out.I can't get enough of it hahha.In hope that we'll still have some,we pack two boxes back to Taiwan.

 Look!Isn't it amazing!

This's fried vegetables with bean curd sheet.A very simple dish,but it just makes me have a bite after another.

I  love to order this kind of red bean pastry in chinese restaurants.The surface is crispy and the stuffing is very dense and moist.I heart this : )

 The vegetables dumpling is a surprising one as well.The dough is very thin,stuffed with lots of mixed vegetables.This's a light and refreshing dish.

As I mentioned above,I don't know Hong Kong well,so I just want to share with you all what I saw,what I felt and what I love.Hope you enjoy this visual tour with me!

Tsui Wah Restaurant
Add: G/F,84-86 Des Voeux Road C.,Central,Hong Kong

Modern China Restaurant
Add:Shop 1002,10F,Times Square,1 Matheson St.,Causeway Bay,Hong Kong
p.s. There are also branch stores of this restaurant.For more info,please click the link above.

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