Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trattoria di Primo

Honestly,I'm not that into celebrating my birthday.Yeah,it's a special day,then I'll usually have a great time with my friends.But I don't make it a big deal,if you know what I'm saying,like a Hollywood movie style..I've spent some birthdays abroad by myself.Even though I was not with my home friends and family,I really appreciate that I made sweet friends there,and they had a delightful meal with me and made me birthday cards.

Aw right!Speaking of great times,I did have lunch date with my besties Poki and Jessie,and that day was also my birthday.It's time to be nineteen years old and I can barely believe that I'm almost not a teenager!Pheeew,gotta seize the time!

We went to an Italian restaurant,Trattoria di Primo.The restaurant also sells various kinds of cheese and some kitchen gadgets.

Once again,caeser salad surprised me!As I mentioned before,caeser salad rarely impressed me.To my surprise,this one is a light dish,dressed with Italy oil vinegar sauce,covered with a thick layer of parmesan cheese.Well,I guess it's time to change my weird stereotype of caeser salad.

I don't remember the name of this dish,but the dipping was an egg yolk sauce.

The salmon risotto was properly cooked.Combined with a pinch of lemon peel and an abundance of salmon,the risotto gave our senses of smell and sight a nice stimulation.

The penne with tomato sauce and meatballs amazed me.The pasta was definitely al dente and had totally well-mixed with the sauce.I'd love to try again next time!

The pizza we had two flavors together,one was cheese with honey and the other was vegetable&grape,topped with parmesan cheese again(oops,I don't really remember the name.)The cheese one would be better without honey;somehow,it made me feel like I was eating a dessert.The vegie one was better,but it was just ok because I prefer a crispy dough and this one was so soft.

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