Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris ll

Sadly,my grandfather just passed away the other day.My relation with my grandfather was hard to describe,we were not close but he was still my family member.I do feel a little bit sad because I know my grandpa was really nice.Well,he liked to talk a lot about his past life in china in his childhood and how he evacuated to Taiwan with my great-grandparents during the civil war between Nationalist Government and  the Communist Party.Ah!The most important thing is he made the best steamed buns and dumplings.I love his vegetable dumplings the best,so I think I'm going to miss him so much!

The taoism funeral has lots of rituals,which takes about a month until the official funeral ceremony.It's complicated,I even don't understand that.It involves long and repeated sutra recitations.As the ritual going,being children and grandchildren of the deceased elder,we have to sometimes stand up,sometimes sit down and sometimes kneel down to show our respect.Indeed,it's really tiring,that's why after the first funeral  ritual and my French class today,I immediately grab a cab and head straight to AOKI to get some nice desserts to comfort my exhausted mind and body.

Due to the fact that the "Trio" cake is only sold at the Regent Hotel,which is the second branch store of Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris in Taiwan,I've been thinking of it since it opened.I finally made it today!

"Trio" is composed of several different elements,topped with a slice of chocolate,the second layer are some passion fruit jelly between two strips of milk chocolate mousse,the third layer are three strips of white chocolate mousse,then followed by a layer of hazelnut crunch chocolate,finally the base is chocolate cake.Mixing of different forms of chocolate,Trio is just like a grand chocolate symphony,you have to taste it with your heart and use your palette carefully to distinguish the slight differences.

Oh la la!The surface of the chocolate is just gorgeous!

I also get a "Chilboust mâcha azuki,"which is the latest dessert.It combines red bean and macha mousse,also the icing is caramel.The base is a chocolate tart and stuffed with mashed red bean.Macha,red bean and chocolate can't go wrong and once again,it shows Sadaharu AOKI's specialty,macha.

"Fleur de sel&caramel tart" is also on my must-eat list.I've had this one for more than five times and the quality has its consistency all the time.On the contrary,"Saya" is a delicate and impressive cake;however,the one I just had recently was too moist,excuse my French,it was like a shit.

Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris

Add:B2,No.28, Songren Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City

Add:No.41,Sec. 2,Zhong Shan N. Rd,Taipei City

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  1. I want in the shop in Paris! It's delicious!! :)
    Love your blog! But now I'm hungry!!! Haha


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