Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jean-Paul Hévin

People who have a thing of chocolate must know Jean-Paul Hévin because it's the mecca of chocoholic.I'm glad that it opened the first store in Taiwan before I lost my mind for craving it.My first acquaintance with Jean-Paul Hévin was some chocolate bonbons brought back from Hong Kong by my aunt like years ago.It was my first time fall in love with chocolate bonbon.I have no idea that chocolate bonbon can be so good until I take a bite of Jean-Paul Hévin.

To bring back my sweet memory,I get several different chocolate products.This time I don't buy their chocolate bonbon,because,first,I would love to try something new,and second,Jean-Paul Hévin is not cheap,after imported to Taiwan,the price does cost an arm and a leg.So I guess it's wise to try new things as much as possible.

Upon glancing the display cabinet,"Sucette lait caramel salé"catch my eyes right away.It tastes just like how it looks,impressive and full of layers of tastes.You can feel the saltness of sea salt,the sweetness of caramel,and of course,the pureness of cocoa.Yet,to be frank,the lollipop appearance gives it nothing but a fancy look.

This is "Palet fin rond noir,"which is a crispy cookie covered with a thick layer of dark chocolate.I really like it because dark chocolate is my favourite,although I like to explore various kinds of chocolate.

Speaking of macaroons,Jean-Paul Hévin's amazes me so much!

Petit macaron mangue coriandre

Petit macaron super amer

Petit macaron caramel

Petit macaron crème brûlée

Petit macaron banane

What I like about their macaroon is the surface and the stuffing are equally good.I have a to tell you all,please go get the crème brûlée one right now!It is so good,literally the best!When you eat it,you are like having a crème brûlée.I bet you would be taken in by its smell and texture but when you have a second thought,you'd come up with a macaroon.I can't figure out how they invent this trick.

The box contains"Guayaquil",which is a dark chocolate cake,is very simple and elegant.

I read some reviews about this cake on the Internet,there are good ones and bad ones.But here,I'm going to tell you my whole thinking of it thoroughly.At first,I think OMG it's Jean-Paul Hévin's chocolate cake!It must be heavenly good.Then,when I'm back home and unpack it,I was like OMG are you kidding me?The size is so small,it's like a child's portion.Okay,maybe you don't believe that,because the photo I take looks like quite big.The truth is the length is about 7.5 cm and the width is about 2 cm.Now I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.But hey the most important thing is how good it is,right?Cuz I'm sure that if it's good enough,the price and the size are definitely not going to be a problem.That's the point,it tastes kind of normal,yeah you can tell that the cocoa is premium.To my disappointment,the cake has an overprice,like 16$USD,and an unsatisfying size.

Despite the minor unpleasant experience,Jean-Paul Hévin does have amazing chocolate.Try one and you can relate to what I'm saying!

Jean-Paul Hévin

The Regent Hotel (G Floor)
Add:No.41,Sec. 2,Zhong Shan N. Rd,Taipei City


  1. They look super delicious! I love eating sweets..if I could, that's all I'll ever eat :-) xxoxoxoo

  2. @Fashion Cappuccino
    yeah chocolate is my favorite guilty food <3

  3. hmmmm yummy! when i'm in france i always eat macarons :)

  4. Oh not more food, I get so hungry haha :D:D


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