Friday, June 24, 2011

Antonia's Pizzeria

It seems that I was supposed to be born in Italy.I'm completely captivated by Italian culture!And I just love their casual lifestyle,the homemade cuisine,and the shiny sunshine.That kind of Mediterranean feeling is what I've been looking forward to for a long time.I do everything I can to immerse myself into that atmosphere.The most evident example is I finally finished my one-year session Italian course.I had a great passion for that;however,it turns out to be a catastrophe.It's so hard to strike a balance between French and Italian.I was almost drown in those conjugations.I guess at least my pronunciation can deceive my friends.

Well,even though I can't dash to Italy immediately,who says I can't  have some fun?Since there are many pizzerias and restaurants on my waiting list,I'm thinking that maybe my blog is going to be all about Italian restaurant reviews.Anyway,what I would like to introduce to you now is "Antonia's Pizzeria."It is a cozy brasserie and it features traditional Italian pizza,German Warsteiner draft beer and steak/sea food dinner.

Poki,my sweetest friend ever,got some chitchat with me the other day and agreed that we should meet up and get rid of the anxiousness of the finals.Without a second thought,I suggested "Antonia's Pizzeria,"which was also the place that she introduced to me.We heart it!We even don't know how many times we have visited there.It is definitely a good place to celebrate the start of my summer vacation.

Due to this hot and humid weather,I don't really have much appetite.Therefore,we only order a caeser chicken salad and egg yolk cream spaghetti.

Speaking of salad,my last choice would be caeser salad.Since the server has already recommended their chicken caeser salad,it's no harm to give it a try.Amazingly,this one turns our to be quite good,not over-seasoned,fresh and yum.

The egg yolk cream spaghetti is one of our must-try.Especially Poki,she has talked about how much she misses the dish for ages.It contains crispy bacon,yolk and cream,it can't be richer!I think their dishes look plain at the first sight,but I bet you have no idea how tasty they are until you smell them,eat them and feel them.

Antonia's Pizzeria
Address:No.56,Tienmou W. Rd,Taipei

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