Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Spice Shop

For most people,they usually can't have a break abroad until winter or summer vacations.However,I think a plane ticket can take you from A to B,but a good meal can take you to everywhere at anytime.

My mom is the person who makes me a foodie.She is such a dab hand at cooking that she even can cook for up to almost one hundred people.When I was a baby,my mom rarely bought canned baby food.She  would grind some spinach,apple or oatmeal and fed me bite by bite.So I guess I was cultivated to be a sucker for food since then.

I'm fascinated by different cultures and something exotic.Besides some common foreign cuisines,like Italian and French styles,I'd love to go cosmopolitan.Every country has its specialities and characteristics.Trying different dishes is like an adventure,you'd never know what it's like till you give it a shot.

I tried Russian and Moroccan cuisine for the first time in New York City last summer.That was amazing!I was thrilled to have the special meals,because after watching so many traveling programs and reading piles of books in gastronomic literature,I finally could experience them myself.

What I'm trying to say is it's really good to get to know something that can WOW you.And today I have an unforgettable Indian meal with my mom for celebrating Mother's day.

The restaurant is called "The Spicy Shop",which is located in Tien-Mou again.Ahh,there're too many insider's restaurants in that area,from some local tasty food to exquisite restaurants.It can cater to anyone's taste.

The dishes in The Spice Shop are influenced by Kolkata,an eastern city in India.Making an authentic cuisine the seasoning is always the most important factor.The seasoning the restaurant uses is imported from India,so this can explain why all the dish smell so irresistible.

This's a piece of crispy Indian naan on the house and the sauce is made from coriander.

They have several different flavours of naan,like Tandor,garlic,cheese,but we just have the plain one.It smells so good and every bite is so chewy.You can have it with curry,but it doesn't need curry to make it stand out at all.

They have a selection of cold dishes as appetizer.The weather today is hot and humid,so I was thinking maybe a Yogurt Salad can ease my troubled mind.And yes,the yogurt salad is quite refreshing,but the smell of onion is really strong,if you don't like onion,I'd not recommend this one.

I guess it doesn't make sense that you go to an Indian restaurant without ordering curry.We've already got other two dishes that there's chicken inside,so we have a White Mushroom Curry.The texture is really rich and savory.

The rice in India or South East Asia is quite different from Taiwan.It's more chewy like glutinous rice,but not that kind of sticky.Most of my friends don't like that type;somehow,I'm so obsessed with it!I remember the first time I try it is three years ago when I was in London.The species was a novelty to me,each rice grain was separate like sand.I'm glad that I can bring back all my sweet memory by ordering Chicken Spice Rice.It's fried with turmeric,chicken and potato.Each ingredient is well mixed and cooked.

The server highly recommends "Tandor drumsticks" to us.It's preserved by yogurt and spices for one day and then baked in a traditional oven.All the complex steps only make this dish so colorful and juicy!

The Spice Shop
Add:No.6, Aly. 10, Ln. 50, Tianmu E. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan


  1. i'm visiting via Couch Surfing's Slow Foods.Photos of delish foods has me watering for a sniff and tatse.
    Pity i am so far away ;-(
    Neat food blogging ;-)

  2. hey thanks!i'm sure you can find something like this,too,but it just takes time lol


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