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Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris

Euuuh!I've been quite busy in these days,overwhelming by one test after another.And commuting between my university and home every day is killing me.I'm kind of mentally and physically worn out.The sad thing is that it will take several weeks to get to the summer vacation. Since Mather's day is on this coming Sunday,I decide to have an afternoon visit to Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI and get something for my mom.That definitely can cheer me up!

Generally speaking,there must be something good and something lousy in a dessert shop.However,as far as I'm concerned,most of the desserts from Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI are amazingly good,and actually I've had all the desserts they have in Taiwan.

For Mather's day,they have a special offer,it's a heart-shaped puff,stuffing with whipped cream,custard cream and fresh strawberries.On the top of the puff is sprinkled with almond crunch.It's good,but It doesn't surprises me,though.

And I also get a currant flavoured cake,which is called "Cassiser" and a Éclair Valencia.

This's my second time tasting currant flavoured cake.It's a little bit sour like berries but moderate,mixed with layers of currant cream, chocolate and halzelnuts.

Éclair Valencia is like puff with orange flavoured custard,dressing with mike chocolate and halzelnuts.

Éclair,which means lightning in French, always takes my heart,it's such a charming and tasty French dessert.Oh là là!

An éclair is a pastry made with choux dough filled with cream and topped with icing.

There're two reasons why it's called éclair.First,it's because the reflection of the icing.I personally prefer the other saying that it's too delicious that people eat it so fast just like lightning.

Then,this is AOKI's new product,it's called "Paris Rusk."

A macaron biscotti is a word that it can probably precisely describe what it tastes like.

Judging from the appearance,they look like macaron,you may say they're the shell of macaron.In fact,the macaron in Nancy,located in North East of France,just exactly look like them.There're different styles of macaron in France,varying from region to region.The most common macaron in a dessert shop is known as parisian style,they're different flavour of stuffing in the middle of two shells.

I love Paris Shell so bad!Honestly,it's my first time finding a crispy cookie can be so good.To balance the sweetness,it go so well with a cup of English Earl Grey Tea.Ah!I'm seeing myself sitting down on the terrace in Paris now.

The following are the top three dessert in my mind,which I posted them on my facebook,sharing with my friends before.

I'm telling you that this is the best "Mont Blanc Aux Marrons" I've ever tasted!!!Sadaharu Aoki is such a gifted pâtissier!This one has the firm texure of baked meringue,the rich whipped cream with blueberries and the smooth and moist chestnut cream.What's more,the marron glacé on the top just give this amazing dessert the soul.Every bite,you can even smell the aroma of grand marnier!it's totally a perfect combination!

Here,this's called "Saya."Neither pink colour nor stawberry is my thing,but the reason why I give it a try eventually is I said I was going to try all the desserts in Aoki!The result turns out to be miraculously good!Judging from the surface,it's like a normal stawberry mousse cake.But there're beautiful layers inside,strawberry mousse,macha stuffing,stawberry jam and a lil bit custard Iguess.Once you cut it in half,a picture in soft colour just comes into view.The texure of the red dots around the cake is like macaron,which gives it more aesthetic feelings.Ah btw,which lucky girl could have such a sweet father that he named a scrumptious cake after her name!

I know you must have been captivated by this zen-looking dessert.You can tell that its appearance is pretty similar to "Saya."It's called "Duomo Mâcha Azuki."What makes Sadaharu Aoki popular in paris is exactly mâcha.He's like an artist,he plays with different flavours.I think his specialty is mixing western materials with eastern ones.Fom fleur de sel to sesame,violet to genmai tea,they're all beyond your imagination.Ok back to the subject,the moment you scoop the delicate surface,you can see the beautiful stuffing in layers.There're mâcha cream,red bean paste,crispy chocolate stuffing.The mâcha macaron just gives this cake a more parisian look.It's really a must-try!

Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI Paris

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