Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Solo Pasta & Papa Gio'

What I like about fashion and gastronomy in common is being chic or eating well do not necessarily stand for spending a fortune.People who are stylish are usually because they know how to mix different elements well together.They can do wonder with their grandmother's vintage chanel bag with a simple white t-shirt.

Likewise,having a good meal is not always about going to an exquisite restaurant,but mostly about eating freshly.Fresh food is the key to a good dish.For example,both in western and eastern cuisine,when people cook the fresh seaafood,they tend to use the simplest way to present its value,a raw dish,like sashimi,oysters,or they would just steam them,rather than using thick sauce to cover its freshness.

I'm a huge fan of Mediterranean cuisine.Don't you think that you've been cheered up,at the moment of hearing that inspiring word "Mediterranean"?The vivid images of Côte d'Azur,the beautiful scenery,the slow pace of life just come straight to my mind.

Finding a nice Italian restaurant in Taipei is not a difficult thing.Somehow,most of them are inclined to be fancy,instead of a cozy and homemade style.Luckily,I was doing my Italian homework several weeks ago,and I was looking up some on-line dictionaries.Out of no where,I randomly found out this restaurant.Looking at those pictures of their decoration and dishes,I immediately felt like"Oh,it's the one I've been looking for!"I'm so overjoyed about accidentally finding out this lovely place.During my spring break,paying a visit to La Famiglia is the priority on my schedule.

Unfortunately,when we arrive there,it’s closed and it seems that it has closed for a while.

What a shame!Yet,I always get a plan B,so we go to “Solo Pasta,”which is a much talked about restaurant in Taipei.They claim that they make fresh pasta and their slogan is "There's really someone who cares about pasta."

First of all,I have to say this is a horrible experience.Neither their appetizers nor their pasta is worth that kind of price.

The appertizer we have  “Asparagus,Running egg,Shaved Extra-Aged Parmesan Cheese,””Stewed Beef Tripe,”and “Raw Vegetables with Garlic,Anchovy Dipping.”

The asparagus in the chinese version menu is said to be a "huge" asparagus.However,judging from the picture,you can tell that they are just  bigger than the normal one.I’m totally willing to take the chef to have a market tour,if he insists that the asparagus they use are “huge.”

Then it comes to the stewed beef tripe.That is just ok,not particulary surprising.

At the moment seeing tha salad,I got lots of question marks in my head.

They just give us a whole romaine!Also,this is my first time seeing people serve the raw cauliflower as salad.I ask the server that I was wondering why they have a weird combination of salad.The server gives an interesting answer that they want their  costumers to have fun with the salad,which means to splite the romaine yourself.

Herm...am I going to an organic farm or something,rather than an Italian restaurant?

For our pasta,we order ‘Beetroot Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cream and Walnuts” and “Picmont Style Agolotti Stuffed with Rabbit & Veal.”

Those two are miserable dishes.The aglotti is so plain and the crust is so overcooked.Then,the gnocchi is like a leftover.The server claims that it’s because they use over 85% of potato to make the "authentic"gnocchi.Please,if there's someone who is Italian reading my blog now,tell me what do you think about it.

What makes me completely disappointed about the restaurant is the attitude of the servers.They just make me feel like it’s my problem and I know nothing about what an authentic gnocchi is.

I’m,for the record,stating that I’m not an awkward customer at all.Somehow,the restaurants I’ve gone to recently go too wrong.

Actually,we have ordered a tiramisu and a limon tart for dessert.Regarding those terrible dishes we just had,we tell the server we are ready to check.

It’s the fortune in the misfortne,my favorite Italian restaurant,Papa Gio’,is just few blocks away from there.We head to there right away to have a happy ending for today.

Gnocchi is my favourite dish in Italian cuisine.We order “Spinach Gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese and nuts.”I know it’s like the one we just had at Solo Pasta,but I promise Papa Gio’s pasta is amazing!I’d never get tired of having this yummy gnocchi at Papa Gio’.

Look!Doesn’t it look delicious?The smel,the color and the texture are unparalleled.

A good meal’s ending must be a dessert,so we have a titamisu and a crema cotta.

The tiramisu taste super good.Take a bite and you’d know what life is.

If you’re looking for an authentic Nothern Italian restaurant,I’d highly recommand this outstanding one!Papa Gio’!

Add:No. 29-1,Sec. I,Anhe Rd,Taipei City
Tel: (02)2775-3645

Add:No. 2,Aly. 6,Ln. 170,Zhonxiao E. Rd,Taipei City
Tel: (02)2711-8720

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