Tuesday, April 5, 2011

La Brasserie

When it comes to French cuisine,I love their local dishes the best.Since I have a passion for gastronomy,Bretagne has been the place I would love to visit in France for a long time.Bretagne produces lots of famous food,"fleur de sel,""kouing-amann",and "sardine fish" to name a few.

If you are used to having the typical crispy crêpe in Taiwan,you'd probably be surprised that crêpe is actually a french stuff.

In fact,the word "crêpe" means the sweet one,you can slather with a layer of jam,nutella,cream,or ice cream.On the other hand,the salty one is called "galette",there're a variety of stuffing,such as artichoke,cheese,ham,fois gras and smoked salmon.The difference between those two is crêpe is made from wheat,while galette is made from buckwheat.

There's another crêprie called "Crêperie La Bretagne" in Taipei,but I feel like theirs are just a plain dish.

"La Brasserie" is a traditional french restaurant in Taiwan,which is in the first floor of The Landis Hotel.During March 14 to May 1,they have a "Bretagne Galette And Crêpe Feast."

They have four set choices for galette,like Breton,Seafood,Asian,Alsation,but you also can choose the stuffing you like.

I order the Breton as my galette,there're egg,Emmenthal cheese,ham and mushroom inside.

Lisa has a "Make your own galette",she chooses Emmenthal cheese,mushroom and chicken for the stuffing.When it is served,the cheese seems to be quite dry,it's just like a over-night pizza.After talking to a  server,she takes the galette bake to the kitchen.Then the chef re-makes the galette and adds some tomato inside,it's much better.

We also get a "Alsatian Sauerkraut with whole pig knuckle,"it garnishes with assortment of sausages,boiled bacon and steamed potatoes.

It's different from the german pig knuckle.Instead of the crispy hogskin,it's well cooked,super tender.You don't have to chew too much before it get mashed.Still,I love both styles!

We both order specialty crêpes,which mean baked crêpes with grand marnier and orange sauce.

I have a long story to talk about this crêpe.When the first crêpe is served,the server says that they can only serve a crêpe once,so we have to wait thirty minutes for another.We say that's fine but after a while,we can't help wondering why they can only serve a crêpe once?Do they only have a pan?

When the second crepe is served,we ask the server.Interestingly,according to the server,it's because their oven is too small,and also since the crêpe is kind of dessert,it is charged by the dessert department,which is on the second floor of the hotel.I think it sounds more an excuse than a reason.That's hilarious!Who can come up with a lamer excuse?After five minutes,I guess they suddenly realize that they've made a hugh mistake.The manager comes to explain the exact reason.She says that they mistake us for ordering only a crêpe,so that's why it takes so long to serve the other.Although there're still leaks in that reason,it's much acceptable since they don't charge us for that belated crêpe.

The chef uplifts the crêpe by putting soufflé inside.It's really soft and subtle,just like a baked marchmallow.

Last but not least,a glass of Brittany cider is always a must-drink beverage which goes perfectly with the crepe.Guess what!The server tells us that they've run out of cider at two o'clock in the afternoon.Does that make sense?

Well,due to those "episodes" during this meal,I don't find it a satisfying lunch.The food is pretty good,though.It is simply because those ridiculous incidents.Ha!

The Landis Hotel-Le Brasserie
Add:No.41,Sec.2,Minquan E. Rd,Zhongshan Dist.,Taipei City

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