Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Hi there!My name is Valerie.I'm from Taipei,Taiwan.I'm majoring in French now.The reason I choose French is that I'm so obsessed with traveling and gastronomy.I think if I can master French that would be really helpful for my future studies and career.

I'd love to spend my whole life tasting all the gourmet food in the world.I'm so fond of delicacy that my friends like to call me gastronomist,yet I consider myself more a food lover.After all,I'm just a beginnerI. I also have a sweet tooth that one of my mottos is there's always a room for dessert.

From my point of view,food is not only just food.You can get a better understanding of somewhere just by tasting.It involves cultures,histories and unique features.I'm such a foodie that i'm not picky about food at all.I'm always wiling to try something new.Since Taipei is my hometown,this blog is mainly about restaurants in Taipei.I would like to keep my wonderful experiences and also share them with whoever loves food,too!

Before I started this blog,I'd though about if I was able to write well.After reading what Dianne Jacob wrote,I feel like "Yeah,just do it!"She said,"Whatever motivates you,food writing has a requirement that makes it irresistible:you like food,and you get to eat and write about it.What's better than that?"

Ah btw,don't be shy to leave your comments!

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