Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Irresistible Delicacy: Pizzeria Rialto

As far as I'm concerned,nothing is better than having a special dinner while catching up with an old friend.Therefore,I took my best friend since kindergarten out for dinner last weekend.

The restaurant I chose is called "Pizzeria Rialto" located in Tien-Mu,which is one of my favorite areas in Taipei.The moment I stepped inside,I was swept into an Italian bistro.The inside decoration was very italianate with a massive pizza oven right in front of our seats.We were delighted to see the entire pizza-making process.

Like I have always done,I ordered the cuttlefish risotto.The rice grains soaked up the rich cuttlefish juices.It also contained several shrimp,chopped tomatoes,and the creamy cuttlefish.

As soon as it arrived,my teeth were all over the cuttlefish.My friend laughed hysterically as my teeth were stained black due to to the ink.And yet,I simply did not mind.The risotto was so good that I really didn't mind how terrible my teeth looked.

I had spent a great time with my friend.The dinner gave us time to reminisce about the good old times.In retrospect,Pizzeria Rialto is definitely one of the most authentic Italian restaurant in Taipei.

Address:No 116,sec 7,Chung-Shan N.Rd,Taipei
<Closed on Mondays>

p.s. Oops,my bad!I can't find the pic of the restaurant's appearance from my camera.Hopefully,I'll visit there in no time.

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