Monday, February 17, 2014


Woolloomooloo, The diner and, the topic today, Toasteria have been my Top 3 frequently visited cafes/resraurants in these three months. For the record, I am still up for exploring different dinning places, I just feel like there is a spell casted on me. Whenever me and my friends were talking about where to go, we somehow ended up in one of those three places repeatedly.

I'm positive that the main reason that you click and check this post is because you were caught by that drooling photo. Even if I am a frequent visiter, I seldom take photos there. Their food is simply so amazing that you don't want to or just forget to leave a moment for a foodporn picture. Sorry for the lack of image.

I would like to explain why I am so into those three lovely restaurants and also why I chose to talk about Toasteria first. Woolloomoolloo is a fantastic cafe, having excellent food and simple-but-high-quality design. The shortcoming is that considering the portion of their food, it would be a little expensive if you want a hearty and satisfying meal. As for The diner, food is great as well but a tiny bit too American. So it can be boring sometimes. Tosteria is just like a perfect one. A wide assortment of Mediterranean cuisine garnishing with a moderate amount of American style make it an irresistible cafe to spend a quality time with friends. What's more, you will definitely be surprised by their prices!

Talking about those dishes I had at Toasteria, I actually can't come up with any single one that I don't like. From a classic brunch plat to a hearty ball of pasta, they know how to pamper your taste buds. Also, the picture above is pita bread served with hummus and veggies. You couldn't possibly get bored even if you visit there on a weekly basis. Too much to choose and you can even creat your own by adding some extra ingredients.

You can easily tell that this is a hot spot when you just step into. The restaurant seems packed and boisterous all the time. If you are racking your brains to come up with a decent brunch place, Toasteria won't let you down. Just like their slogan, " No diet coke, no skim milk, no low fat cheese- Only the Good Stuff!"

Tel: +886 2 2752 0033
Add: No.3, Lane 169, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road, Taipei City

Sunday, October 6, 2013

One day in San Gimignano

Summer has almost come to an end and here comes autumn. People always say fall is a season of melancholy. I used to differ with that; however this year, I don't know if it's about my stressful work or what, I have trouble getting along with this rainy period. Ok, enough for that, I'm not a whiner at all, so let's talk about something wonderful!

I would like to share my fantastic experience in Italy today. Technically speaking, this post has been a year later, since I did this journey last year. After spending weeks in France, I left for Italy to visit my lovely Italian friend. During my staying there, every day was so unreal. I remember that I kept saying like "Oh my, I can't believe I'm in Italy.! This must be a dream!" since I got off the airplane.

My local guide brought me to several cities and I appreciated each of them. San Gimignano was like a country rock star. Mmh I know, it probably sounds weird, let me explain: San Gimignano is a little walled medieval hill town in Siena. Those trees, grass and roads were just being incredibly beautiful in an unique way. I couldn't help staring at every details en route for fear that I might miss something. So now you can get the idea of "being a rock star." What a charming town!

We didn't stay long in San Gimignano but we had a divine meal in the mountains. I was so lucky to experience the most authentic "Italian hospitality." My Italian family truly gave me the chance the get to know Italy in their own way. I've never felt sad when I leave some place I love. Cuz I know, I'll definitely go back some day!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swedish Crayfish Party

Speaking of world history, I might be a layman. However, when it comes to something related to exotic food would totally be another case. Getting know the local food plays an important role when I travel. I've probably mentioned this before, but I really feel like you can have a better understanding of a country by your tongue.

Given my interest in Sweden, I expose myself to their culture as much as possible. Long before I knew these Swedes, I saw photos of people eating those lobster-like thing. I didn't know they were crayfish until recently. So I was pretty excited about my maiden try! It was so much fun to dismember those crayfish. My friend gave me some instructions upon eating which made it easier for me.

Ah, here is an episode: A Taiwanese friend asked me if the photo I took was a bunch of cockroaches. That's funny but also very plausible. I think the crayfish doesn't seem that attempting if you've never tried it before. That was also why I found its appearance weird. But I'm super open-minded about trying something new, so it's not really a problem. And I'm so glad that it turned out to be very delicious.

What I liked about crayfish was that it didn't need any dressing to make it taste good. It was simply boiled with water and according to my friend, there were some kind of herbs in the water as well. Besides, I was given a tip of choosing a good crayfish which was "The bigger, the better!"After that party, I googled a bit about the differences between a lobster and a crayfish. The most evident difference is that lobsters have to grow up in salt water while crayfish live in fresh water.

I'm happy to experience one more Swedish activity here in Taipei. I'm really curious what it is like to do this in Sweden. But I've already spent a fantastic evening with those Swedish folk.

Good company, great food and nice alcohol, could it be any better?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PS Tapas

This review has been delayed for almost a month, but I insisted on writing a post anyway. I went there with my college besties when they returned from France after their one month journey. Generally, I'd give this restaurant an A on every aspect, except one thing. The waitress told us that we could have some more bread if we wanted on serving a crab dipping. I think people would definitely take it as free, right? Otherwise, the waitress would either say nothing about the extra bread or tell you that you could get some more with extra fee. So we didn't find out that our extra bread was charged upon paying. That was not so pleasant! We didn't want to be difficult so we just let it go. Still, I'm pretty fond of their food. I went there again for take-out after a couple of days.

PS Tapas 
Tel: +886 2740 3636
Add: No.19, Lane 21, Sec.1, An-ho Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I just can't help writing another post of this lovely japanese restaurant! As always, this place offers tasty and authentic food with reasonable price! I've probably mentioned this before that japanese restaurants here in Taipei tend to be over-priced. Those high-end restaurants are good, but not delicious enough to have a second visit. This time I had a sashimi with rice and a bottle of green tea coke! The green tea coke wasn't bad, but I was just a little disappointed that the aroma of green tea was too subtle to tell. Besides, they renovated several months ago so they are two-story now. But the shortcoming is they took off some quite a few nice decorations. Thankfully, their food is constantly delicious!

瞞著爹 III
Tel: +886 926 594 575
Add: No.17, Aly.9, Lane 364, Sec.2, Bade Rd, Taipei, Taiwan

Saturday, August 3, 2013

N. C. I. S 德相

I am going to start off by apologizing my absence here for the past few weeks. It turned out that I was so wrong about being active for blogging during my summer vacation. The heat wave kept me from being active, or precisely speaking, I am totally lazier! Anyway, today I'd like to share a newly-discovered Japanese restaurant with y'all!

The name of this restaurant is pretty funny, N. C. I. S, which stands for " Northern California Inspired Sushi." When I was googling, it only showed up with tons of pages of the famous american series. Speaking of Asian cuisines, Japanese is definitely on the top of my list. Rice can be boring sometimes. Yet, according to one of my confidential informants, this place is only known by real food lovers. Additionally, their sushi will certainly impress you.

My friend and I had difficulty deciding what to get. Everything on the menu looked so good. The waiter also gave us some suggestions. We had avocado/ salmon sushi,  eel sushi and a plate of sashimi. The sushi tasted very "trendy." (Yes, you hear me, I said "trendy") I don't even know how to describe it. It was truly delightful enjoying such a unique flavor. Anyone up for sushi? N. C. I. S could be your mind-blower!

N. C. I. S 德相

Tel: +886 2 2721 6952
Add: No. 4, Aly 27, Lane 216, Sec. 4, Zhong-Xiao E. Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Sunday, June 23, 2013

La Mesa

It couldn't be better to celebrate the beginning of the summer vacation by a savory meal at La Mesa. The first time that I heard of this Spanish restaurant was from my high school friend who works there. I've visited there a few times and I've fallen in love with this place since the very first taste of their scrumptious food.

Italian and Spanish cuisine are my top choices when it comes to dining out. My obsession with food tends to be the key factor that I learn a new foreign language and my friends always laugh about it. Let's get back to the subject,me and my high school friends were thinking about catching up, so La mesa spontaneously came into my mind. We tried so many different dishes this time and each of them just blew my mind!

I'd like to talk about three things particularly. To start with,I strongly recommend their mushroom soup! At first I didn't order one, since I'm not a fan of soup. Yet, upon smelling the enchanting odor, I immediately told my friends like "Oh! I wanna get one as well! " The mushroom soup was incredibly rich, you could eat the mushroom with every sip of it. Then, a must-try would be their Sangria! My friend suggested it to me when I visited there the first time. Guess what? I order one each time I go there ever since. Last but not least, we were super lucky that we got a free treat from the cousin of my friend. The steak was divine! Judging from the beautiful pink color,you could tell that it was perfectly-cooked. The surface was a little bit crispy while the inside was really tender. Ah, I started to drool now!

Apart from the food, the atmosphere was equally exceptional. The light was dim, but in a moderate and nice way (No worries! You can still see your food! ). We spent a great evening there and had so much fun. It was a shame that we had no room for dessert but it gave us a good reason to pay a visit again!

La Mesa

Tel: +886 2 2778 7676
Add: No.33, Lane 137, Yan-Ji Street, Taipei, Taiwan

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